October 14 2008 - Update: Court Hearing Tomorrow

Dear Family & Friends,

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday October 15 2008 at 9:15, Judge Porter will be holding a hearing about my little brother "Chip." (My mother wants his name to remain unidentified because he is a minor.) Since we were not given approprate notification there is no way that my mother or Chip can arrange to make it on such short notice. Although we will not be attending, we would greatly appreciate it if someone can make an appearance and let us know what happened.

Hopefully the judge will remand the case to Holland where they have legal jurisdiction.

Any sort of notes would be greatly appreciated, as well as your impressions on how the hearing went. Apparently Beth Imm has invited the media. You may all speak freely to the press before/after the hearing.

Chip has a special message for the Court. He wants to let the judge know that he is almost 16 and he wants to stay in this family he is in now. He also wants the judge to tell his father to come meet him one time!!!

Thank you