Glenn Sacks Director of Fathers & Families Continue to Bully Battered Women

Glenn Sacks likes to attack already vulnerable battered women like Holly Collins. Shame on Sacks!
Ah... Disgruntled Sacks is Back!

The 8th annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference was held in Albany New York on January 7-9 2011. It was most powerful and the overwhelming consensus is that Change is Imminent! This revives some hope in battered women and abused children all over the United States who have been inadequately protected from known abusers.

However the father’s rights guys or more accurately, the Father Supremacists aka the abuser supporters, were in a frenzy trying to discredit and detract from the public uprising of united citizens standing up against child abuse in the family court system. It is pathetic that these Father Supremacists forced their way into a New York hotel where vulnerable battered women were staying for the conference. They cornered, scared and re-traumatized women in the hallways and their hotel rooms, sending them terrified, crying and running for help.

My 27 year-old brother, who agreed to speak out just this once about our case to put his point of view on the record actually came to their rescue. He is a ‘normal’ guy who doesn’t understand the ins and outs of the father’s rights issues. He told me “This is bullshit! Normal fathers don’t act like this! The problem is that the fathers rights groups are deceptive and try to stir up support from all American men claiming that they are nobly pursuing what is right and just for all fathers, but how is terrorizing domestic violence survivors who are gathering peacefully for inspiration and healing a noble pursuit?

I am all for the rights of ALL fathers and mothers who do NOT abuse their children. Children deserve to have GOOD fathers in their lives! They deserve to have GOOD mothers in their lives! But the rights of abusive fathers (and mothers) should NEVER be put above children's’ right to be SAFE and taken care of!

I find it humorous that the Fathers and Families site published an article the very next day on January 10th 2011. In big letters Glenn Sacks writes that “Misguided DV Groups Back Discredited Battered Mothers Custody Conference” Don't you find it a little funny, if not insolent, that the "almighty Glenn Sacks" personally concludes that "I say therefore it is"? HE writes that the BMCC is "discredited" but who exactly is discrediting this national conference where all of our nation's best domestic violence experts are gathering freely on their own dime to donate an entire weekend of their time during the middle of winter in Albany, NY? To me that sounds like committed individuals and professionals who believe in the work they do!

Glenn Sacks claims that Barry “Nolan read Holly’s description of her case and also does so in the film. He is apparently unaware of much of the facts and history of the case.” I wrote to Barry Nolan to ask him his opinion of Glenn Sacks' accusations. Mr. Nolan responded that he will be personally addressing Glenn Sacks' false allegations against him and his wife Garland Waller.

Glenn Sacks also criticized my mother's attorney, Alan Rosenfeld: “In his speech at the BMCC he says he took the case pro bono after many in the domestic violence establishment urged him to. Like Nolan, he is apparently unaware of much of the facts and history of the case.” C'mon everybody – Do you really think that Glenn Sacks is going to know more about the facts of our case then our own attorney whose been given access to EVERYTHING?

Again, I asked Attorney Rosenfeld to comment and he replied "I am proud that I helped ensure that Holly wasn't punished at all for her alleged kidnapping. Specifically those charges were dismissed."

I also went through my old e-mails and I came across a mail from Attorney Rosenfeld when Glen Sacks attacked my mom in the past. On October 8th 2008 Attorney Rosenfeld responded "if Holly and Jennifer want me to I would be willing to dare Sacks to get the players from Minnesota who claim to him that Holly and her children were not abused, to waive their various immunities and statutory defenses and have the truth about the claims of abuse be determined in a court of law. Presumably there would be none of them that would step forward to take that dare.” I can tell you right now YES! This is something that my mom, my brother and I want. So come on Mr. Sacks produce your witnesses!

Now Glenn Sacks is claiming to know firsthand what happened during the interviews he was not present for and is writing as if it were fact! “the case’s custody evaluators noted “in response to routine questions about custodial plans, Holly stated ‘I’ll make the biggest media circus out of this if I have to. I’ll do whatever it takes if Mark gets custody.’”

How can anyone call anything a “routine custody evaluation” when there is abuse and custody evaluators are threatening to give custody to the ABUSER? REMEMBER… the judge found that my father Mark Collins was an abuser!

Sacks then wines that “Holly Collins’ claims about her high-profile custody case are disputed by her own mother, grandmother, sister, brother, former in-laws, her ex-husband and his wife, numerous doctors, Guardians ad Litem, social workers, mental health professionals and all seven judges who have heard this case.”

What Mr. Sacks conveniently fails to mention is:

1.) That I provided copies of correspondence my mother had with my grandmother in which my grandmother admitted to physical abuse in our family.

"Dear Holly ... I view life very differently from you. For example, when I was young, my mother worked at night and I stayed alone when I came home from school. My mother punished us by hitting us with my father's razor strap... and when she hit us kids, we had black and blue bruises for a month… But my mother did the best she could under those circumstances... at that time. My mother never said she was sorry, nor have I ever asked her to say she was sorry... Hopefully, you can understand that Gram did the best that she could do in raising me... I did the best that I could do in raising you... and you will do the best that you can for your own children. None of us will even be close to perfection! ... Love Mom" (Email from Eleanor Gallagher dated February 2009)

2.) My mother’s sister came forward and issued a statement that she was also abused. Then my mother’s mother (Eleanor Gallagher) wrote an email threatening my mother’s siblings:

“Attached (just click on the attachment above) are the orders from the MN Court finding Holly in contempt for violating the orders issued by Judge Porter. It appears that Holly maybe in a lot trouble for not abiding by the orders… This is just a reminder that in your case... all the records have been sealed and the Court Ordered states: " That there be not reproduction of or reference to any materials contained within the records on file with the Court in this matter or with the aforesaid agencies/persons, his/her agent, or any agency absent a Court Order to the contrary." …if you, or Michael... or your father, or Holly Collins, violate the court order cited above, I will bring the matter before the court and request charges of Contempt of Court be brought against anyone who violates the order. Have a good day! Love, Mom” (eliegallagher Tuesday, January 27 2009 9:11AM Subject: Holly found in Contempt of Court)

Oh my Goodness... this is too funny! My grandmother threatens her own children with lawsuits and ends the threat with "Have a good day! Love Mom." Why do you think the Gallaghers are so afraid for the court records from my mother and her siblings’ childhood to be released? Doesn’t it also appear to you that they are trying to conceal child abuse? Oh and by the way… my mother’s brother’s name is Michael! He is also forbidden by the Gallagher’s to come forward about the abuse.

3.) My own father testified that he broke my mother’s nose several times and dislocated our mothers shoulder in front of us.

“The two broken noses occurred when we were first married in my parents’ house" It is almost humorous that my father describes how it happens: "I rolled over asleep in bed.” (File No. DA157327 court transcript 06/07/1989 pg 5)

"Her shoulder was dislocated just fooling around. I don’t know how to explain this. We were wrestling.” ( File NO. DA171721 court transcript 01/08/1991pg26)

Attorney: "The dislocated shoulder was a wrestling episode? Was anybody else present during that, do you remember?"

Mark Collins: "Just the children." ( File NO. DA171721 court transcript 01/08/1991 pg 36)

Look at this! My father admitted to dislocating his wife’s shoulder in front of his own children! Can anyone imagine how terrifying this was on two young children to witness their father hurting their mother like that, to hear her screams of pain? Witnessing our father abusing our mother was extremely traumatizing!

Okay so my father’s parents don’t want to believe that their son is an abuser! But they weren’t in the room were they? Their own son testified that they weren't there! Let's think about that last one for a moment: What mother wants to believe she raised a monster? I can't help but wonder if Sacks' own 82 year-old mother struggles with those same feelings of guilt; does she read her son's webpage where he disparages women and exalts men who do the same? What mother would be proud of her son for dispatching his agents to a battered mothers conference to further terrorize the participants who have gathered there and then report about it as if he's accomplished something grand? Does Sacks feel that being the bully on the playground is rewarding and feels oh so good?

The rest of this comment by Glenn Sacks is proven falsehoods! Glenn Sacks claims that numerous doctors disputed my mother’s claims of abuse. That is such a lie! How can he unabashedly invent and perpetuate these lies? The social workers and mental health professionals supported my mother and not my father at all, but Sacks gets away with telling such lies because ABUSERS are used to not being challenged. Challenge an abuser and you won't get a respectful debate - you'll incur their wrath and vile, condescending words for daring to contradict or defy them!

Glenn Sacks states “Hennepin County Family Court services found that Holly Collins suffers from multiple mental disorders, including Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy (MSbP)” This is EXACTLY my point all along! - A Hennepin County Family Court Services evaluator thought that our case had similar characteristics to 6 (six) articles that she read! Six articles! NOT ONE psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor ever said that my mother suffered from any mental illness and certainly NOT MSbP, which although a rare mental health disorder, is curiously over-diagnosed in all too many domestic violence survivor cases. In fact, the very experts in MSbP all vehemently denied that this was a MSbP case!

Glenn Sacks lies again stating that “The Court of Appeals noted that 'the children have adjusted well to the new custody arrangement' in Mark Collins’ care and that 'the children’s health has improved. The court said that Holly Collins’ accusations that Mark Collins and his current wife were abusing the children were 'found to be without substance,' and that the lower court’s finding that Holly Collins’ care 'endangered [the children's] physical and emotional health' was 'supported by evidence in the record'.”

The court of appeals never investigated the facts! They just checked to see if procedure was followed - that's all folks! Look very closely at Glenn Sacks sentences - he keeps inserting half-phrases of sentences and distorts their whole meaning.

Sacks boasts that “Inside Edition was scheduled to air a report on the Holly Collins case on 11/12/08 but decided not to, apparently due to their doubts about Collins' credibility.” In truth Glenn Sacks has no idea why the story didn’t air! The producer assured us that it wasn’t about our credibility at all! Isn't it interesting to find that Sacks first boasted that it was the father and families success in bombarding a studio with threats that made them successful in keeping the story off the air? Now he claims something different. What was the real reason Mr. Sacks? (And not to belabor a point, but do peaceful men and good fathers resort to bombarding and threatening to get their way?)

Glenn Sacks writes “In January of 2009, Fathers and Families released an exhaustive, 11,000 word analyses of the court records and documents in the case.” This is so stupid! This is his own article that he (Glenn Sacks) concocted himself! He got a fathers’ rights group to publish it without any research of their own into our case! Moreover, what NORMAL person would know that there are 11,000 words contained in an analysis? Sounds like someone doesn't have anything better to do with their time... If we count up the numbers of words in my 5 part investigation of Glenn Sacks I bet it would have a double word count to Sacks article. Does that mean that I can then claim to be the EXPERT on how disturbed Glenn Sacks is?

Glenn Sacks writes that his “analysis, which can be seen here exposed the Holly Collins case as a complete fabrication.” I still marvel that a man with absolutely NO ACCESS to any of the relevant, CONFIDENTIAL documents can boast such preposterous claims! Worse is that some people actually believe the stuff that he spews!

I found it most interesting that Glenn Sacks writes “In our Report we…” Really? I didn't see any co-author credits to his verbal diarrhea (but then again, abusers HATE sharing the spotlight...) This is Glenn Sacks' report yet he makes it look like Fathers & Families is also a party to this defamation of character. Again - typical of abusive behavior: abusers like to stir up trouble and be at the center of the drama so long as they're not caught and held personally accountable for their words and actions...

And then my personal favorite: Glenn Sacks keeps blaming my mother for my posts! Again… this is MY website, Mr. Sacks. Why do you insist and persist in chasing after traumatized and battered women? Shame on you!

Sacks states that my mother made “Extensive, utterly fictitious personal attacks on Fathers and Families Executive Director Glenn Sacks, including attacks on Sacks’ 82-year-old mother.” To be explicitly clear so there can be no misinterpretation, my mother did not write about Glenn Sacks and his mother. I DID! What I wondered aloud about and asked was “Was little Glenn abused by his own mother when he was a child or is he angry with her for not protecting him against an abusive father?” In absence of information the only thing I can do is wonder and ask, yet Mr. Sacks interprets this as an "attack" - as a psychology major, this is all just simply FASCINATING stuff...

Glenn Sacks states that during my mother’s presentation at the BMCC she “referenced Fathers & Families and said 'On their website they posted that I should be gang-raped as an appropriate punishment.' This is false—nobody associated with Fathers and Families has ever or would ever say such a thing or anything close to it.” Here he goes again - it's always GOT to be about Glenn Sacks... even when he is wrong!

If you click on the link and go directly to 51 minutes and 20 seconds, you can hear for yourself that my mother did NOT say a thing about Glenn Sacks or the Fathers & Families Organization! She specifically says “Humiliating details of abuse to me and my children have been splattered all over the news by SOME fathers’ rights organizations” There are so many different fathers’ rights organizations out there. Why does Glenn Sacks automatically think that he holds the monopoly on them all?

I remember vividly when Glenn Sacks personally posted this and other violent comments from one of his followers. I was so upset when I first read that a father’s rights organization was promoting gang rape! Again… Normal fathers’ would NEVER do this! I contacted several reputable professionals and directed them to the exact link.

From my e-mail from February 2009
“there are several fathers’ rights activists who are furious that our case has challenged their cause and that I am demanding that children come first, before mothers and before fathers! These organizations are known for supporting batterers and child molesters openly. A popular fathers’ rights advocate, Glenn Sacks has launched a full fledged personal attack against our family. He has recently printed a lengthy article full of half truths and outright lies. I am trying to find out if he can also be held accountable for his blatantly false, slanderous public statements. Now his followers are threatening that I should be “deprogrammed” and my mother “gang raped” as a punishment for denying my father his rights to his children. It is disgusting and terribly frightening."

Glenn Sacks received so much condemnation that he finally removed the violent postings. At the very top of Glenn Sacks latest attack he writes “Fathers and Families Executive Director Glenn Sacks.” Sacks links himself to Fathers & Families by claiming to be the executive director therefore providing the connection as I cited. Thanks Glenn for clearing that up for us.

And again… my brother's fractured skull apparently still confounds Glenn Sacks who keeps searching for an alternative reason for why my father fractured my brother’s skull. Despite the medical records that I supplied to Mr. Sacks myself, here is what he continues to claim:

"At the BMCC, Holly Collins claimed that Zachary got a skull fracture while trying to protect her from Mark Collins’ attacks. Actually, the injury occurred when Zachary fell forward on a ride in an amusement park–Holly Collins sued the amusement park for the injury and obtained a large financial settlement.”

There were no broken bones at the amusement park ride in 1987; an X-ray confirmed “No broken bones!” yet Glenn Sacks, who wasn't there, just makes this stuff up as he goes along - just like my abusive father! Hey - wait a minute! If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck what do ya’ think it is...???

Glenn Sacks then goes on to try to portray Jeff Imm as a victim of alienation when in fact my mother and brother have begged Jeff to come visit him. This is the same baby that Jeff Imm claims isn’t his child. How can Fathers & Families have it both ways? If a man denies he's the father and doesn’t want anything to do with his child, how can he claim alienation? Actually, this classic problem - a father denying paternity and not wanting anything to do with his child - is how and why so many father-friendly programs and initiatives came about to begin with. But, like the folks who infiltrated the Battered Mothers Custody Conference the Father Supremacists similarly infiltrated, corrupted and exploited the good cause of keeping good fathers connected to their children - so actually Glenn Sacks and his followers are making the very problem they claim to want to resolve even worse by their "activism" in trying to help. Fascinating the extents that Mr. Sacks will go to deem himself the "King of Everything".

My father’s abuse to my mother, my brother and me was extensive. There are numerous incidents that the almighty Sacks has not heard about yet. For example my father killing my unborn sibling is not a new tale as Sacks now claims. It was documented years ago. My mother finally has the courage to stand up to all the horrid abuse from my father. Of course Glenn Sacks likes to find the most painful ways possible to hurt already battered and abused women.

When my mother first read Glenn Sacks' article, she was saddened that he was still full of lies and half-truths, but I am not surprised. I'm actually wondering what took him so long? I wrote several detailed articles about Glenn Sacks' (lack of) character last year: Did you notice that he never responded? But… he has the nerve to go after a battered woman who merely tells what happened to her.

Here are the links again for those of you who want confirmation to what a creep this guy is (just in case there's someone with any doubts...)

The REAL Glenn Sacks - College student, Jennifer Collins investigates the unethical columnist who has been virtually stalking her and her family. (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, content & conclusion)

Glenn Sacks never even addressed any of these issues! I guess there's just no disputing the truth...

Glenn Sacks goes about attacking professional after professional: doctors, lawyers, advocates, psychologists, etc, etc… As far as I remember this is an abusive lazy loser who stays at home and milks off his hard-working wife! Must be nice to recline and pass judgment upon others...

Like he does again: "A professor, film producer, and promoter of the Holly Collins hoax in her upcoming film No Way Out But One. At the conference, Waller held a screening and discussion of what she describes as an 'An Independent Documentary on Holly Collins - The First Woman to Be Granted Political Asylum on Grounds of Domestic Violence'. Waller’s contention that Collins was 'Granted Political Asylum on Grounds of Domestic Violence' is false. Collins was not granted political asylum—she lost her asylum case, but won a subsidiary suit asking she be allowed to remain in Holland anyway on humanitarian grounds. In other words, her asylum attempt failed, but the Dutch government was unable to deport her for medical reasons, among others. Collins soon had four children in four years with a Dutch man who worked at the camp for illegal immigrants where she was being held–once Dutch children were involved; there was little chance of Collins being deported."

So Sacks claims that my mother won asylum for having 4 children in 4 years by a Dutch man. Funny how he calculates this considering my little brothers and sisters were born AFTER my mother received asylum!!! But he goes on:

"While Collins was in Holland, anti-immigration sentiment led to many changes in the law, starting in 2001. One of these changes was that they erased some of the distinctions between the different classes of immigrants, so Collins’ green card does read “Asiel” (Asylum). This is rich! Glenn Sacks claims to know more about asylum in the Netherlands then the Dutch Asylum attorneys. His self importance never ceases to amaze me. By the way… if Glenn Sacks would have done any proper research at all he would have discovered that the Dutch residency permits are RED and NOT Green!

And… Sacks continues to babble: “Holly Collins and (apparently) Waller promote the view that American authorities tried to extradite Collins to the US based on pressure from Mark Collins but that Dutch authorities found that Holly had been a battered wife and, in Holly’s words, “Netherlands, a tiny little country–stood up to the United States of America” to prevent her extradition. In reality, American officials did not try to have Collins extradited: few if any officials were even aware that she was in Holland.” C’mon Sacks no one believes you that the American authorities did not know that we were in the Netherlands. There were many highly publicized articles including “Battered Woman Becomes American Refugee in Amsterdam” splattered all over the front pages of the Minneapolis City Pages on July 30, 2008! because Glenn Sacks didn’t know about our case it doesn't mean that everyone else didn’t!

Glenn Sacks concludes: “Fathers and Families has always been concerned about and stood against domestic violence” Yet on their own site they posted several comments threatening violence against me and my mother! There is absolutely no consistency (or truth) to what Glenn Sacks continues to blab on about regarding our case. He was not there, has never been a party to the case, has never had full access to all the documents involved and has thrown himself into the spotlight (no one to my knowledge ever LEGALLY asked or paid him to investigate our case) simply to reach his "20 minutes of fame" (because 15 minutes will not do if you're Glenn Sacks). I find Mr. Sacks' sentiments against domestic violence to be disingenuous since he condones, rather then condemns, the actions of those who would seek to disrupt a peaceful conference dedicated to those who escaped situations he wouldn't have the wherewithal to survive himself and then take the time to mock, ridicule, write it all up and post it. Yes, you must feel very good and proud of yourself for berating battered women and those who assist them - thank you, Mr. Sacks, for reminding us all that you're the spokesman for all that is wrong with the human race.

The most important evidence that Holly Collins saved her children from abuse is to look and listen to her children NOW. My brother and I are adults. We have clearly articulated that we were both abused by our father and that our mother is a HERO for rescuing us!

We'll say it again… Thanks Mom!

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