This is the Real Glenn Sacks Part V by Jennifer Collins

College student Jennifer Collins completes her investigation on the unethical men’s rights columnist who has been invading her family’s privacy. (Part 5)

Sacks Asks Readers to Investigate Cases
With a topic as sensitive as gang rape, Glenn Sacks asks his readers to investigate! “I was surprised and disturbed by the (gang rape) case, and asked one of my most intelligent readers, Stan Eads, to review the information in the case”1

Despite Glenn Sacks bogus disclaimer: "I did not ask him to find reasons why the feminists are wrong--I told him, ‘what you find is what you find.’"This is exactly what he did in our case!: "Volunteers Needed for Parental Alienation Project." Again, Glenn Sacks did a shout out to thousands of readers to investigate our case! “Now here's my question--would anybody (or group of two or three people) like to investigate the Collins case for me? To be clear, I do NOT want people who will go in with the intent of proving Holly Collins to be a liar and Jennifer deluded--I want the truth, whichever way it falls. If you find that what Holly and Jennifer claim happened is true, I will make it clear that this is your finding. I will publish your results here on my blog with full credit to you if you wish.”2

I personally responded to Glenn Sacks. I shared the facts of our case with him. He just ignored everything I said! Looks like Glenn Sacks is not a man of his word after all!

Lies to Prove HIS Point
Glenn Sacks: “I investigated the case because misguided and misled domestic violence and feminist advocates are citing it to support the family law changes they seek. These changes will unwittingly make it easier for women (or men) to employ false accusations of abuse against their spouses or former spouses in order to win custody, and will make it even harder for fathers (and mothers) to fight parental alienation.”3 Glenn Sacks actually equates parental alienation with child abuse prevention!

In our specific case Glenn Sacks consciously decided to defend my abusive father at all costs. He ignored the most important factor: that my brother and I are grown and can articulate exactly what happened to us when we were younger. That doesn’t seem to matter to Glenn Sacks. He is determined to promote his cause, even if it means supporting a child abuser and forsaking the child victims! As the documented and legally undisputed victims in this case, my mother, brother and I are the experts in what happened on our case and our truth should be considered above and beyond the false statements made by Glenn Sacks in his sadistic attempt to try to defend my father.

Glenn Sacks: “Holly Collins has repeatedly made accusations of domestic violence or child abuse to a variety of courts, and courts have continually rejected her claims.”4 That is so not true! Our mother was granted several Orders for Protection which were further extended for a year each time!

Glenn Sacks: “Holly Collins has repeatedly accused Mark Collins of fracturing their son Zachary's skull in a violent rage. However, the injury was sustained by Zachary when he fell forward on a ride in an amusement park.”5

Glenn Sacks built his whole case against my mother on this lie he bought from my father. Mr. Sacks, shouldn’t you be angry that my father made a complete fool out of you by getting you to buy into his lies and worse, get you to publicly endorse them? How humiliating! Moreover I absolutely disproved Glenn Sacks lies with the medical records and x-ray reports from the amusement park incident that documented that there were “no broken bones.” I proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the medical records clearly showed that my brother’s skull was broken accompanied by swelling of the soft tissue as a direct result from the incident where my father beat up my brother.

Glenn Sacks: “When Holly was 16 years-old she had a dispute with her mother, who wanted her to finish high school before getting married to Mark Collins. As a result of this dispute, Holly desired to live with her biological father, from whom Eleanor Gallagher was divorced.”6
Again Glenn Sacks makes up things that aren’t even there let alone true. I guess he is confident that no one will challenge him. My mother met my father when she was 16 years old. She was living with her father as early as May 1982. She became pregnant when she was 17 years old. That is when the subject of marriage came up. My brother wasn’t born until almost a year later in April 1983. Sacks math and lies just don’t add up at all!

Glenn Sacks: “The Guardian ad Litem conducted a custody evaluation. During this custody evaluation, Holly made no accusation of abuse against either her mother Eleanor Gallagher or her stepfather Tom Gallagher. Yet a decade later she accused both of them of having abused her while she was a child.”7

I have seen the court records where custody of my mother was reversed to her biological father in 1982 because she admitted to abuse from her mother and step-father. There are even reports from my mother's high school teachers describing the abuse. I find it highly suspicious that Glenn Sacks make such a bru-ha-ha over other people supposedly making up false allegations when that’s all he ever does. And then, not only is he allowed to get away with it but his followers admire him for it?!

I know that Glenn Sacks is an opportunist that had to get in on a ‘hot’ story. He really missed out on a perfectly good case of a father wronged by the system here with my grandfather. My mother’s mother, Eleanor Gallagher was accused of child abuse when my mother was a kid. She went to all sorts of lengths to keep her exhusband away from his children. My mother even testified in court that her mother and stepfather abused her as a child. Custody was finally reversed to my mother’s father. Now Sacks suddenly allies with an abusive woman. It is so suspicious! It goes to show that Glenn Sacks is not concerned first and foremost with father’s rights. He is main priority is how he can personally capitalize on a hot story.

Glenn Sacks: “Holly invented mythical food allergies for the children which were contradicted by many medical professionals. Once custody of Zachary and Jennifer was switched from Holly Collins to Mark Collins, the allergies soon dissipated.”8

This is blatantly false! The pediatrician referred us to a pediatric allergist because I had an allergic reaction at McDonalds when my parents were still married. After performing independent medical tests our allergist wrote a report saying that we were the ‘most allergic patients he had ever seen.’ What was my mother to believe? If she didn’t trust the doctors and follow their advice you can be sure my father and Glenn Sacks would accuse her of being a bad and neglectful mother. Zachary and I still have allergies and our doctor in Holland has publically stated that we are in fact the most allergic patients her clinic has even seen! I heard that my father’s mother, Mrs. Gerald W. Collins from Salem N.H.9 has had severe anaphylactic reactions to various foods and almost died on several occasions. Their neighbors report several ambulance visits due to her allergies and asthma attacks. Gee “Dad”… I wonder where my allergies came from. Shame on you for using our medical condition as another way to abuse us!

Just in our case alone I have proven over and over again that Glenn Sacks is a liar. Nothing Glenn Sacks writes can be believed.

Glenn Sacks exploited my mother, my brother and me just to gain additional publicity for himself to satisfy his insatiable need for attention. Glenn Sacks wrote over 6 articles over our case, attacked our mother in more articles and even referred to her unrelated articles! Several of Sacks unrelated articles end with “To learn more about the Holly Collins case, see my findings on it here.”

Sacks commented “The Holly Collins custody/parental abduction case is perhaps the most prominent custody case in the media at this moment”11

Heaven forbid a story of that magnitude not includes Glenn Sacks! Shrugging off the criticism, Sacks feverishly works to transform his “15 minutes of fame” into a full-time soap box gig so he can continue to keep his self-serving discussion of other men's and fathers' issues perpetuated. Judging from the attention his campaign gathered, the near-celebrity status he has maintained since, and the hundreds of fan letters he receives weekly, his strategy seems to be succeeding. PT Barnum once said “There’s a sucker born every minute”; sad how they all seem to congregate around and follow Mr. Sacks.

Disturbingly, Wikipedia announced “Sacks is also known for the campaign he waged against Holly and Jennifer Collins, mother and daughter granted asylum in the Netherlands American Family Receives Asylum in Europe, Holly Collins returns after 14 years in hiding. He has published numerous articles on Holly and Jennifer Collins: Numerous Parallels Between McCarty, Collins International Abuduction Cases, The Feminist Family Law Movement Fires Back over Holly Collins Case… Jennifer is an adult and has requested an apology for what appears to a logical person to be a personal attack on Jennifer, Jennifer Collins: ‘Glenn Sacks owes my family an apology over Controversial Parental Alienation Case’. To date, no apology has been published by either party.”12

He even used my brother’s name to tag his articles even though my brother personally asked him to respect his privacy!13 – THAT’S the lengths Glenn Sacks will go to to assure his place in the spotlight.

Could it be that there has been a protest to the manner that Glenn Sacks tags his articles? “As many of you have noticed, lately we've been resolving some technical issues with the tags…” Which have now been removed from the website.”14

After Glenn Sacks exploited our names over and over again, he claimed that he could not be held liable (even though we proved he blatantly lied in his articles) by suddenly claiming that we were public figures. Our intent was not to stay in the public eye and my mother proved this by immediately going back to her quiet life in the Netherlands despite Glenn Sacks constantly trying to goad her out into a public debate.

Opinion Poll Says
Truth and Justice: Family Court Reform “Sacks and Leving do not support their claims with facts, as I personally have looked up some of their claims and found that the actual studies did not support what they wrote, and some of their true stories are actually fiction, as they put disclaimers near the end, stating that this is how ‘some men feel’. Gotta read that fine print hidden in the body of their lengthy FR manifestos.”15

Ms. Grieco of NOW says Glenn Sacks is a 'women-bashing, backlash shock-jock radio host."16

“when men like Sacks broadcast misinformation, skew statistics, and attack women's rights in order to advance their own cause, they are only harming everyone's agenda.”17

Boys Egos Above Girls Safey
Most people agree that young women who are starting college and are away from the protection of their parents for the first time in their lives should be educated about self-protection. But not Mr. Sacks! He objects that “in the first week of college orientation, 'they' hand out pamphlets about rape on college campuses and it says 1 out of 4 will be raped, blah blah blah,"18 Yes, Glenn Sacks actually says “Blah Blah Blah”! Sacks argues that by trying to protect young women from rape and physical attacks we upset young men: "Bang! Eighteen-year-old guys, right from the beginning, are stigmatized, vilified, lied about."19 How can Glenn Sacks be so desensitized to rape especially when he has a pre-teen daughter himself!

The truth according to (Warshaw, Robin 1994 "I Never Called It Rape"): “In a study of 6,000 students at 32 colleges in the US, 1 in 4 women had been the victims of rape or attempted rape.” Glenn Sacks calls these statistics “Preposterous” and “Absurd,"20

The truth according to Sacks: “it's not true that 1 out of 4 female college students is a victim of attempted or real rape.”21

Who’s telling the truth here? You decide!

Kidnapping Justified for Men Only
Sacks writes “Fathers & Families has an interesting new piece on Clark Rockefeller’s apparent abduction of his 7-year-old daughter during a supervised visitation… I condemn Rockefeller’s actions. However, his possible mistreatment in his divorce also bears mention.”22

I find it odd the cases Glenn Sacks decides to stand up for. This ‘Rockefeller’ guy has several different aliases, no social security number and refused to reveal his true identity during the custody hearing.23 The couple wasn’t even married! This is the type of character that Sacks chooses to report on, suggesting that his ‘mistreatment’ in a divorce somehow softens his actions. He wasn’t even legally married to the child’s mother!

Isn’t it interesting when a man undeniably kidnaps his child during supervised visitation, Glenn Sacks refers to it as an “apparent kidnapping” however in my personal case when we (my brother and I) as adult children admit that we ran away, Sacks immediately reports my mother as kidnapping us without the softening of ‘apparent’ which he allotted Rockefeller. “Holly Collins kidnapped her two children and took them to Holland in 1994”24 All parental abduction charges against my mother were dismissed and therefore she is NOT guilty of the false allegations of kidnapping Glenn Sacks has personally lodged against her. Ooops, I forgot – if it’s a man making an accusation, it can’t be a false allegation because according to Glenn Sacks only women lie, right?

Abusive Mothers
Despite case after case where there is documented abuse, Sacks continues to defend male abusers. However if there is a case where the abuser is a female, Sacks is all too happy to capitalize on another story of an abusive mother. It shouldn’t matter what the gender of a child abusers is! This isn’t a gender partisan issue - all child abuse is wrong!

Afraid of Being Charged With Child Rape
The more I dug into Glenn Sacks personal life the more worried I became. Glenn Sacks is afraid of being arrested for the rape of a child. “my 16-year-old son and my 10-year-old daughter have their friends sleeping over at our house all the time. So four years from now one of my daughter's friends can claim that I raped her and on her word alone I'll be thrown and held in prison?”25

Are “normal” dads worried about this? I asked several men myself (including my step-father) and they all said that the only reason why Glenn Sacks worries about this is because there is probably some truth to it. I wonder if someone should warn the other parents at the Sacks daughters’ school. It appears that Sacks might be setting up his defense already for the day when a teenage girl comes forward and says “Glenn Sacks raped me.” Then he’ll be able to say “See I knew this was going to happen! That is why I wrote about it.” Is Glenn Sacks already working on his get out of jail free card?

Covert Incest
Covert Incest was defined in the 1980s as "an emotionally abusive relationship between a parent and child that does not involve sexual intercourse."26 Covert Incest refers to a form of emotional abuse in which the relationship between a parent and a child is inappropriately sexualized without actual sexual contact. Over and over again Sacks obsession with his ‘close’ relationship with his daughter grows more and more disturbing:

"A man never knows what love is until he has a daughter."

Glenn Sacks reports that his wife “says my daughter took one look at me and thought, ‘Sucker! All I have to do is smile at this big, dumb guy and he'll give me whatever I want.’ Probably true.”

“As soon as she could indicate a preference or talk, she usually wanted daddy in the middle of the night”

“These times with my daughter… were the greatest of my life.” (Curiously ignoring the fact that Sacks has another child as well.)

“For me, being at home with my young daughter has been the greatest, most fulfilling experience of my life”

“I supervise the children on a day to day basis and I make sure that things are done the way I want them done.”

“I've been able to enjoy with my daughter, as well as countless other magical, irreplaceable moments”.

“My favorite thing is when I put her to bed, tell her stories and she falls asleep in my arms. For the first nine years of her life, she fell asleep in my arms like that practically every night.”

“And there's nothing better in the world than when my little daughter walks up to me, puts her hand on my shoulder and says ‘every night I go sleepies right here’."

Sacks: “Listen, then tell me again how kids don’t need their dads… “Hi Daddy it’s me. I just want to say that I love you and I miss you a lot (sobbing). Bye.”

Next call. “I miss you so much I really do. I miss you! When can you come home? I miss you! Call me back as soon as you get to NY or to LA or Burbank wherever. Just call me! Okay? Anytime, just call me! Call Me!”

“it makes my daughter very nervous. She said ‘I'm not ever going to lose you, am I daddy?’ I reached back and held her hand and said ‘no’.”

Covert Incest involves similar interpersonal dynamics as a relationship between sexual partners. Problems between parents often facilitate Covert Incest; as the parents distance themselves from each other both physically and emotionally, one parent may begin focusing on his/her child. The child becomes the surrogate partner and source of emotional support for the parent. It is described as an over enmeshed parent responding to a child's love with adult sexuality.

There are many red flags when I read Glenn Sacks reaching out to his followers asking for some sort of recognition for his deepest inappropriate feelings for his own daughter. “As a parent, have you had the following experience?”27

Sacks “Watching her I was overcome with my love for her, as I often am. I called her over and tried to explain how special times like these are for me, how lucky we are to have each other and to have had these 10 years together.”28

No, Glenn Sacks is not expressing his love for his wife. He is professing his love for a 10 year-old child and he interrupts whatever it is she was doing in order to tell her this!

Sacks: “there's a part of me that wishes that for five minutes I could be talking to the adult version of my daughter. The 40-year-old mother who could for that moment understand how I felt as a parent, instead of how my daughter feels as a child.”29

Why is it always about Glenn Sacks and validating his feelings, his wants, his needs, his observations, his opinions? Why isn’t he sharing his thoughts and feelings appropriately with his wife instead of fantasizing about his daughter being a 40 year-old mother who in his mind will act as his confidante? And then Glenn Sacks worries about being charged with child rape! “one of my daughter's friends can claim that I raped her and on her word alone…”30 I find it terribly frightening that anyone is leaving their little girl alone with Glenn Sacks!

Fathers & Families Site Promoting Violence
Sacks endlessly obsessed over the saying on a t-shirt, calling it “male bashing” which he says leads to “many boys feel(ing) the deck is stacked against them” which in turn becomes his excuse for young men to retaliate against young women. Sacks himself promotes the very violence that he issues slight disclaimers against!

On a more personal note, Glenn Sacks didn’t object to but allowed, encouraged and actually posted a comment on his site from a guy saying that my battered mother should be “gang raped” for running with her children to protect them from a court recognized abuser! THIS comment written in anger is ok with Mr. Sacks but “Boys are stupid; throw rocks at them” written in jest on a kid’s t-shirt is not?!

Of course Mr. Sacks will try to explain it away with his boomerang theory. Look at his point of view about our personal case: 'If a woman takes a mans kids away from him because he is beating them then the woman should be punished in the most deplorable manner; such as being gang raped and thrown into prison.'

Glenn Sacks didn’t remove this offensive remark as well as other threats from his angry followers from his site until there was a public uprising against the violence the Father’s & Family site was promoting.

I have to believe that the majority of men do not realize what Glenn Sacks is promoting. I am all for father’s rights! Children deserve to have a good father and good mother in their lives. However Glenn Sacks systematically and emphatically supports abusive fathers, like my father who beat me, my brother and our mom in front of us as well! I sincerely doubt the general population of men and dads would want this guy speaking for them on their behalves.

Cleaning Up Fathers & Families
Father’s & Families is trying to clean up this site. “An Announcement Concerning Blog Comments & letters to the editor” saying that some commenters “seems to be incapable of complying with our posted blog rules.”31 Uh, that’s what happens when you deal with abusers and batterers Mr. Sacks – they IGNORE all posted rules, guidelines and (court) orders.

Here are a few examples of comments placed on Glenn Sacks/Father’s & Families site about the child psychologist, Dr. Silberg who helped me through my mother’s criminal case.

Tommy says "Silberg is a blood-thirsty feminist who wants to further the subjugation of men under the current legal system of family law and divorce court."32

Roy replies “You know, you are never going to get laid with that kind of attitude. You need to find a kinder and gentler way of describing women. I like to use terms like parasite, vampire, predator, raunch girls, etc. You can call a woman any of these names and they will still go to bed with you."33

Could it be that there has been a protest to the manner that Glenn Sacks tags his articles? “As many of you have noticed, lately we've been resolving some technical issues with the tags and the comments, and to do so we have removed both from the website.”34

Fathers Rights Above Children’s Safety
Glenn Sacks regurgitates story after story of how men are wronged by family courts and society in general. Even in the most obvious cases of child abuse and murder Glenn Sacks finds himself siding with the abuser and murderer!

Sacks even capitalized on a case where a man killed his entire family sensationalizing this tragedy with his headline “Even When I Couldn't Be Less Surprised.” Sacks basically allied with the murderer. At the end of the article he has a one sentence disclaimer, but it is not very believable: “What (the murderer) did was absolutely unforgivable under any circumstances. However, given the number of these stories I hear, it's not surprising that once in a while there's a guy who's going to react this way.”35

Truth Never Damages
Glenn Sacks has the audacity to quote Gandhi: “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”36 Glenn Sacks uses horrendous details of rape and sexual abuse to humiliate abuse victims under the pretence that he only prints the truth and the truth can’t hurt. It is despicable that Glenn Sacks humiliates a rape victim with true details of the rape! Glenn Sacks distorts the truth and outright lies over and over again. Yet he has the nerve to point to and accuse innocent victims: “one way for Stop Family Violence to start would be to publicly disavow false accusers such as Collins”37

With Glenn Sacks history of denouncing every bit of abuse my brother and I suffered as children because of an article I wrote 1994 instead of 1984 (it was a TYPO folks! I hit the wrong key!) the main point of the story was referring to a well documented incident. To be specific, the first documented incidents of abuse by my father of my mother occurred in 1982. The first documented incidents of abuse by my father of me and my brother occurred in 1987. Child protection became involved in our case in 1987 before my parents were even divorced. We received several Order for Protections against our father before the custody hearing even began in 1992.

Final Thoughts
Considering all the serious issues Glenn Sacks seeks to address, I just find it mind blowing that Mr. Sacks dedicates so much time and gets so riled up over the saying on a t-shirt. Remember “As the father of an 11 year-old boy this shirt makes my blood boil….degrading boys, insulting them, making our schools a hostile environment for them–we’re not taking it any more.” How is it that Mr. Sacks is such a staunch opponent to the way little boys are treated in public school when so many little boys are treated much worse by their own fathers in their own homes? I invite you to take a really good look at the drawings my brother did as a child. Good men and fathers don’t need Mr. Sacks because good men and fathers would never cause a child to be this afraid of them.

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  1. Do some research on Bob Allen (Bobx23456) and his alliance with Glenn Sacks. Bob Allen thinks sex with little girls is just fine and Glenn Sacks is his friend.
    Sacks removed a lot of Bob Allens comments but you can still get them using the wayback machine. Bob Allen too has removed some stuff (in particualr his comments about JonBenet Ramsay which were sickening). Check it out and it will confirm what you already know. Glenn Sacks is a pedophile.