Directory of Jennifer Collins 5 Part Investigation of the Real Glenn Sacks

In a 5 part series, a university student and child abuse survivor Jennifer Collins investigates the unethical men's columnist (Glenn Sacks) who has been virtually stalking her and her family.

Part I
Employment (Or lack thereof)
Parenting Problems
Power And Control

Part II
Do not hate your father
Hate your Mother
It's Okay to Hate Women
Resent Your Wives
Stay At Home Dads
Boys are not Stupid
Boys will be (bad) Boys
Push Girls out Windows
Strong vs Abusive fathers
Dumb Dads
American Conspiracy Against Men
Abuse of Power

Part III
I chose my children names
Primary caregiver
Paternal Gate-keeping
Teaching His Son to Disrespect Women
Raising His Son to be an Abuser
Yes Master
It Sucks Having a Dad
Dad is a Looser
Hostile Children
Favoritism In The Sacks Family
Setting Up His Daughter for Dependency on a Man
Kids Don’t Need Dads Like Glenn Sacks
Making Kids Afraid of Divorce
No Need for a Protest To Protect Girls
Inappropriate Parent-Child Boundaries Abound
Puppet Child
Over Enmeshed
Humiliating Pregnant Teen
Those Who Live In Glass Houses

Part IV
Forced Marriage
Minimizing Domestic Violence
Blaming the Victim
Do Not Arrest Batterers
Defending Wife Beaters
Defending Child Sex Abusers
Attacking Protective Parents
Defending Child Rapists
Defending Child Abusers
Minimizing Child Abuse
On Parental Alienation

Part IV
Readers Urged to Investigate Cases
Lie to Prove HIS Point
Opinion Poll Says
Boys Egos above Girls Saftey
Kidnapping Justified for Men Only
Abusive Mothers
Afraid of Being Charged With Child Rape
Covert Incest
Fathers & Families Site Promoting Violence
Cleaning up Fathers & Families
Fathers Rights Above Children’s Safety
Truth never damages
Final thoughts

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