The Real Glenn Sacks Part III by Jennifer Collins

University student, Jennifer Collins investigates the columnist who has been virtually stalking her and her family. (Part 3)

I chose my children names
Glenn Sacks monopolized parenthood even before his children were born!

“My son's middle name is that of an ancient emperor who was known for his fairness and wisdom. When my wife was pregnant with our second child, I wanted to name the child "Spartacus," but she nixed the idea. I admit she was right, particularly since my second child is a girl. However, had our child been all boy, he would have been named "Magellan."1

Mr. Sacks wonders why his son was picked on in school – can you just imagine how much worse it could have been?

“My daughter ended up with a unique and relatively interesting name anyway. Her first name, which I chose, comes from an important battle in American history. Her middle name, which I also chose, is the name of a famous feminist and abolitionist.”2

So the only involvement Mrs. Sacks was allowed to have with her son (aside from carrying him to term and going through childbirth to deliver him) was nixing the name “Spartacus”? I wonder if Mr. Sacks even allowed his wife to have a baby shower (because that would mean attention being diverted away from him being given to her).

Primary caregiver
“I've been the primary caregiver for my two children for the last 8 1/2 years (since a few weeks after my daughter was born)” 3 Yet he wasn’t even satisfied with that role. “it somehow didn't feel as if I was doing anything, or at least not any work that I could quantify.” 4

In 2010, 46 year-old Glenn Sacks continues to milk off his wife - even though his kids are now 12 and almost 18! Once his daughter graduates from high school, what excuse will he come up with next to avoid “lowering himself” by getting a legitimate, contributing job?

Paternal Gate-keeping
Glenn Sacks has capitalized on his coined phrase “maternal gate-keeping.” His own words betray the very point he tries to make.

“I dispute the idea--the idea!--that because I'm male my love for my daughter and my son is somehow cheaper, lesser, not as good, not up to par, not as important. I'm angered over the way fathers have been vilified over the past three decades.” 5

Where did Mr. Sacks get such an idea and who is vilifying fathers? The only fathers I see vilified are the ones who kill or abuse their children or the mothers of their children. The messages I’m constantly hearing about fathers are positive and I see pro-fatherhood initiatives all over the place – even from the White House!

“I think this maternal gate-keeping the study discusses is very real, and is a significant barrier between dads and their kids.” Sacks’ solution is most troubling: "Fathers need to start parenting the way they want to parent. When they do there's no guarantee that the mother will go along with it, and that can cause problems, but men need to stop waiting for their wives' approval. It's like a little boy waiting for mommy to say it's OK. Go be the father you want to be. Don't wait--do it." 6

“I could always comfort my daughter in the middle of the night when she was a baby. As soon as she could indicate a preference or talk, she usually wanted daddy in the middle of the night” 7 Why is Mr. Sacks so competitive and obsessed with being able to out-do his wife? Why is being a mom secondary to his father supremacy?

“The most important issue in any marriage is deciding how to raise the children. While my wife is an equal partner in any major decision regarding the children, I supervise the children on a day to day basis and I make sure that things are done the way I want them done.” 8

Teaching His Son to Disrespect Women
“I rather sympathize with the woman in the AT & T cell phone commercial. The guy should have been much more subtle. A lesson I teach my son–if your wife or significant other does catch you looking at another woman, say the following: ‘I’m a compassionate man. I sometimes like to see what other men must settle for beauty. (Add wistful sigh) It’s sad, really.” 9 The only thing I find sad here is what he’s teaching his son!

Raising His Son to be an Abuser
Glenn Sacks consistently makes excuses for his son’s bad behavior: “Similarly, rather than reform a system woefully out of touch with boys' real world natures and needs, our schools find it easier to demand that boys be something other than boys” 10

“It also angers me that we’re telling girls that it’s OK to hate boys. When males insult females we call it ‘woman-hating’ and ‘misogyny.’ When females insult males, apparently its OK. No more.” 11 No it’s not okay for anyone to hate anyone based on gender, race or religion! Glenn Sacks ridiculously proposes that a tasteless t-shirt incites bad behavior that is basically his excuse to justify domestic violence!

"Yes, it's humor, but it's adult humor being played out on little boys. Twelve year-old boys don't get the humor, but they feel the insult.” 12 Responsible parents put sensitive issues in perspectives for their children – they’re called “teachable moments”. A year later and Glenn Sacks son was still having trouble processing the wording on a single t-shirt. WHY??? It sounds like Mr. Sacks clearly missed this is one “teachable moment.” And what parent would publicly prove a point at his own child’s expense? When I brought up the t-shirt story to my little brothers a year later they replied “Oh yeah… that was kind of funny.”

“When boys are insulted, boys are humiliated, boys feel trashed upon, that's going to boomerang back around on girls… One way or another, by creating this kind of hostility in boys, that's going to boomerang back on girls," 13

WARNING!!!! It’s disgusting that Glenn Sacks is setting up a ready-made excuse for rape and violence against women! He basically says that it is society’s fault that boys/men mistreat girls/women!

Yes Master
Glenn Sacks not only degrades his wife in his article but he also humiliates his sensitive teenage son. He dedicates an article with the sarcastic title “The Joy of Parenting a Teenager.” Can you imagine how that would make this young man feel? Especially after his father has demonstrated to us over the years how sensitive his teenage boy is? “Over the weekend I took my wife and my 15-year-old-son to a… comedy show… I had bought excellent seats, and at the show I bought my son a (omit name) T-shirt and other memorabilia. After the show we came home and, after we pulled in, I asked my son to close the gate to our driveway. He replied: ‘Yes, Master’."14 Is Mr. Sacks getting any of this? Does he understand what his son is trying to tell him here? What does it say about the standing of a person when they reply “Yes Master”?

It Sucks Having a Dad
Me (Glenn): “I know, I know, it sucks having a dad”.
My son: “No, it sucks having YOU for a dad”.

I don’t think Glenn’s son could get any more clear or direct with his father then this (in case Mr. Sacks missed the previous “Yes Master” allusion).

Dad is a Looser
“Now that they’re growing up–my son is a junior in high school and he doesn’t want to spend time with my wife or I, he wants to be with his friends. A few years ago I may have been “G-Dawg” but now in his eyes I’m just (sigh) “Loser G.”16 Now THAT should tell you something!

“I explained that now my teenage son thinks that I live a pathetic existence and that I have no life. My son nodded in agreement.” 17

“There’s only one part of being a parent which I’ve ever genuinely disliked and that’s forcing my son through his homework. Then again, every job has its downsides.”18 I think it is interesting here how Glenn Sacks referred to parenting as a “job” with downsides. Throughout his publications of his family life years ago, Sacks has consistently and openly shared his distain for disciplining his struggling son as in his article “The essence of teenager.”

“The first and third comments (in the darker writing) are from me to my 16 year-old son as he is (supposedly) doing his Spanish homework. The second and fourth comments (in lighter writing) are his.”

Sacks writes: “Why has so little been done?”
Sacks son: “It’s been a little hard thinking for some reason.”
Sacks: “I love you.”
Sacks son: “… Such a loser” 19

At the end of the note the boy supposedly wrote ‘love you too’ but I can’t help but wonder – did he say that sincerely or sarcastically? Was he trying to appease his father so he’s shut up, go away and stop bothering him so he could finish his homework? Why in the world would any parent humiliate their child in such a manner as this? In addition this article brought on several criticisms from angry fathers who made it clear that they would not tolerate this behavior from their children. Again…. Why would Sacks do this???

Hostile Children
Sacks: “My teenage son thinks that I live a pathetic existence and that I have no life.” 20

Favoritism In The Sacks Family
"A man never knows what love is until he has a daughter."21 Wait a minute here…. Since Sacks is so against having children out of wedlock, we assume that he is addressing most married men. What about the Love he supposedly has/is supposed to have for his wife and his first born son???

“She (his wife) says my daughter took one look at me and thought, ‘Sucker! All I have to do is smile at this big, dumb guy and he'll give me whatever I want.’ Probably true.”22 So what exactly is he teaching his daughter here? The very thing he complains about and loathes in women!

“These times with my daughter… were the greatest of my life.”23 What about his son??!!
“For me, being at home with my young daughter has been the greatest, most fulfilling experience of my life”24

“All of the "firsts" that I missed with my son--the first words, the first steps--I've been able to enjoy with my daughter, as well as countless other magical, irreplaceable moments”. 25

Does Mr. Sacks even think about how his son would feel reading all of this? If his son EVER had any doubts about “dad playing favorites” he’s got proof positive right here. I’m seriously so sad for his son!

Setting Up His Daughter for Dependency on a Man
“My favorite thing is when I put her to bed, tell her stories and she falls asleep in my arms. For the first nine years of her life, she fell asleep in my arms like that practically every night.”26 It is very touching that Glenn Sacks reads to his daughter at night. More parents should, but what I find troubling here is that Glenn Sacks has made it clear that he is in charge of his children. He spends the whole day alone with his children. Now he confesses that he also monopolizes bedtime as well? A good parent would encourage bonding between the other parent and the children. Mr. Sacks adds pathology to the nickname “Daddy’s Girl” here. Can you just imagine the kind of relationship problems his daughter’s bound to have with the men in her life?

Another thing, I have learned in my pedagogy studies (as well as by watching my own mother with my younger siblings) that it is important that children can learn (and need to learn) how to fall asleep by themselves. Of course it is very sweet to watch them fall asleep occasionally during bedtime stories, but psychologists unanimously agree that children need to be able to fall asleep on their own.

“And there's nothing better in the world than when my little daughter walks up to me, puts her hand on my shoulder and says ‘every night I go sleepies right here’."27 So disturbing!!! She was 4 years-old and still baby talking! Again, that child should be sleeping alone in her bed at night!

“My daughter sometimes forces me to watch it with her. Well, "forces" isn't exactly accurate, since she snuggles up in my arms as we watch”28 Yet another insight into another instance in the Sacks household where Mrs. Sacks has been excluded. I feel so bad for her. Moreover, notice how Mr. Sacks initially says “forces” then admits to voluntary snuggling? He willfully misrepresented the description of an event and adjusts it to put him in the best possible light. Hmmm, what other folks willfully misrepresent situations like this? Answer: ABUSERS!!!

Kids Don’t Need Dads Like Glenn Sacks
Sacks: “Listen, then tell me again how kids don’t need their dads… When I went to Boston last month I was gone a total of five days. What would it be like for the 10-year-old girl who left these two messages to be allowed only a few days a month with her dad permanently? Yet our opponents have successfully fought for that to be the norm, and this is what happens in most of the cases I see. To listen, click here. Then tell me again how kids don't need their dads.”29

“Hi Daddy it’s me. I just want to say that I love you and I miss you a lot (sobbing) Bye.”
Next call. “Hi Daddy it’s me I’m calling from Grandmas and Grandpas… you are probably in the airport right now or in the airplane and I love you and I hope you have a smooth trip and I miss you so much I really do. I miss you. When can you come home? I miss you. Call me back as soon as you get to NY or to LA or Burbank wherever Just call me okay anytime just call me Call Me Love you.”

Of course she sounds like a darling little girl. The problem is that she is already 11 years-old at the time of this recording! You can tell by the urgency in this child’s voice that Glenn Sacks isn’t doing his daughter any favors by making her so dependent on him. This over enmeshment only strokes Sacks ego but is emotionally crippling his daughter. Since she is so insecure and overly dependent on her father someone should have told that child exactly what her father’s itinerary was. Worse, it’s not hard to imagine his daughter leaving the exact same type of message for her boyfriend 10 years from now.

Making Kids Afraid of Divorce
“Adrian does not have a father. She lives alone with her mother. My daughter and Adrian sometimes have arguments or disputes, and my daughter thinks that some of it is caused because Adrian is envious of my daughter's ‘luck.’”30 Bad luck if you ask me! Who put that idea into Sacks’ daughter’s head that Adrian is jealous because she doesn’t have a dad??? One guess!

“Last night at the end of my eight year-old daughter's dance lesson she spent a few minutes with a group of her little friends. After we got in the car and began driving home she asked ‘Daddy, why are so many of my friends losing their dads?’ I said ‘Ugh--you mean there's more of them since last time?’ She then began reading off the sad list--Daniela, Justine, etc., etc. One of her best friend's parents got divorced a few months ago and the mother took the daughter and moved back to Mexico. The parents of the little girl we had over for a play date on Saturday are getting divorced. A bunch of her other friends' parents have broken up, and it makes my daughter very nervous. She said ‘I'm not ever going to lose you, am I daddy?’ I reached back and held her hand and said ‘no.’ She said ‘You'll never get divorced?’ I said ‘no.’ She said ‘you promise?’ I said ‘yes. She seemed somewhat relieved, and said ‘that's good. My friends start out with two parents until they get divorced and then they sometimes only have one.’ Ouch.” 31

Why would this child be so worried about her parents getting a divorce unless she is witnessing the problems first hand at home? And how tragically sad for Mrs. Sacks: divorce has officially been declared as not an option for her period! The Master has spoken! Another “teachable moment” flying out of the car window this time. This would have been a great opportunity for Mr. Sacks to teach his daughter about “the facts of life” – helping her to see that divorce, while sad, as a healthy and appropriate option for people who just don’t get along anymore – that it’s certainly nothing to be afraid of. Instead, he promises his daughter something he truly cannot guarantee: him and his wife not getting divorced – after all, Mrs. Sacks still legally has the right to file for and obtain a divorce if she so chooses. The part where Mr. Sacks promises no, you can’t lose me is genuinely accurate because if Mrs. Sacks ever filed for divorce and custody, these children WOULD most likely lose their MOTHER NOT their father.

How can Sacks be so sure that his wife will never divorce him? – Oh yeah… because he has already threatened her that he will get custody. “the California Supreme Court support granting primary custody to the children's primary caregiver (that's me), and contend that custodial parents should have the presumptive right to move as stated by the Court in its 1996 decision.” 32

He has also made these veiled threats public on more than one occasion: “My wife is a successful career woman. She has moved up rapidly in a competitive field, and is advancing her career by attending law school at night. I work out of our home and I do most of the child care. If I decide I don't want her anymore, should I be able to move our kids 2,400 miles away from their mother?”33

No Need for a Protest To Protect Girls
I can’t believe how Glenn Sacks starts a major campaign protesting the “boys are stupid” t-shirt but he makes light of degrading hip hop music that both of his kids listen to!

“Perhaps emblematic of modern rap/hip-hop was a love song in which the refrain is a man telling his girlfriend "You're the fuckin' best." You get the feeling that the couple's most romantic moment is when he looks into her eyes and says, "You're so special I only banged two other chicks this week" as she has tears of affection and gratitude in her eyes.”34

“I've at times been surprised and dismayed at the way the trend towards women dressing in skimpy clothes has filtered down to young girls. I think it's a trend our daughters can do without.”35

“I’m not looking forward to my 10-year-old daughter spending the next God knows how many years comparing herself to these images and then feeling inferior. That’s false, of course–she already is comparing herself to those images, but I’m in denial about it, kidding myself that she’s still “a baby” and not influenced by these things.”36

Wake up Glenn! She was already 10 years-old when you wrote this article and definitely not a baby! It looks like her inferiority complexes will originate from her Oedipal father. If Sacks is indeed worried about his daughter’s self-image why in the world didn’t he launch a protest against the “Hooters in training” t-shirt?37 Instead of taking a stand against sexism for his own daughter’s benefit, he posted it on his site in jest!

Inappropriate Parent-Child Boundaries Abound
“The other day my wife handed me a note that was in our mailbox that said that someone was interested in buying our home and asked us to call the real estate agent for an offer. Moving is the last thing we feel like doing right now, but my wife and I discussed how much it would take for it to be worth it. My nine-year-old daughter, normally a very happy little girl, listened to this for a minute or two and then burst out crying. She kept saying, ‘This is my home, I don't want to leave’" She loves our house, but obviously it symbolizes far more for her--her happy family, her happy life, her comfort and protection, her home. I hadn't seen her so distraught in quite a while. I took the letter away from my wife, handed it to my daughter and said ‘Here, tear it up and throw it in the trash, we're not moving anywhere’ She did it, and then sat in my arms and sobbed for another five minutes.

I'm certainly not going to say that the average kid is going to react like this--families move all the time and it's no big deal. Still, I couldn't help but wondering if she and other kids like her react like this to a comparatively minor change, how would they react to a divorce? And how traumatic is it for the average nine-year-old to have his or her home torn apart by a divorce?
Everybody always says, ‘Oh, kids are resilient, they'll get over it.’ Maybe, or maybe not.”38

Do you notice that HE TAKES the letter from his wife? HE hands it to his daughter and HE tells her to rip it up? Again, leaving Mrs. Sacks as nothing more then a silenced second-class citizen in the Glenn Sacks kingdom. The reason why adult issues are kept away from children is because they don't have the maturity, wisdom or inner strength to be exposed to such issues – all they’re supposed to know is what’s in their little worlds where they’re supposed to feel safe, protected, loved and nurtured. The worries and issues of the adult world are supposed to be actively kept from them so they can grow up unencumbered by them – appropriate parent-child boundaries accomplish this goal – just not in the Sacks household.

Puppet Child
“We live on a one acre lot, part of which used to be used for horses, so when my nine-year-old daughter is playing outside and I want to check on her, it can be a little time-consuming. For years and years we've had a shouted, long-distance dialogue that always goes exactly like this:

Me: ‘Sweetheart?’
My daughter: ‘Yes?’
Me: ‘Love you’
My daughter: ‘Love you’

For the past few weeks, however, the last line of that four- line exchange has been missing. Sometimes I spend an extra few moments waiting for it. Now I've started to give up and not wait. Instead I walk away telling myself, ‘Come on, you knew she had to outgrow that, you knew it, you knew it...’”40 Once again, it’s all about what Glenn wants not what his children need.
Over Enmeshed
“As a parent, have you had the following experience? The other day we were riding our bikes together and stopped at a pretty, grassy place surrounded by trees. Watching her I was overcome with my love for her, as I often am. I called her over and tried to explain how special times like these are for me, how lucky we are to have each other and to have had these 10 years together. She hugs me and says, ‘I love you,’ but there's a part of me that wishes that for five minutes I could be talking to the adult version of my daughter. The 40-year-old mother who could for that moment understand how I felt as a parent, instead of how my daughter feels as a child.”40

I have to say as a daughter, I’m particularly grossed out by this passage and if I were Mrs. Sacks, I’d be seriously concerned about my husband’s waves of “overcoming love” for our daughter. The only time Mr. Sacks talks about his wife is when he’s referring to income or demonstrating his superiority over her – shouldn’t there be volumes of pages gushing of Glenn’s undying love for his wife, the mother of his children? Without her, he wouldn’t have had ANYTHING in his life: no children, no home, no income, no standing – where’s the respect, honor, love and devotion she rightfully deserves? Instead the subject of all this gushing love is directed at his daughter AND he’s fantasizing about her as a 40 year-old who (once again!) is putting HIS needs first.

“My wife kids me that I want my girl to be little forever, and she's not completely wrong… But while I'm happy to see her grow, it saddens me to see this special, unique era in our lives slip away. I wish I could somehow save and store the present and take it out once in a while. To preserve this special moment in time when my daughter is – happily, proudly and completely – daddy's little girl.”41 Even a tender moment can be ruined by Sack’s ownership of his children.

Humiliating Pregnant Teen
“Just got back from spending several days at my sister-in-law's house in Nevada. Pictured above are my son (age 16), my niece (17)… In February I'm going to become a great uncle, which I'm having a hard time getting used to. The only thing worse is becoming a grandfather… It's not great timing, to say the least, but my niece and her boyfriend both seem to be stepping up and taking their new responsibilities very seriously. My wife and I have our fingers crossed. Here's a question I wonder if anybody knows the answer to--of teens who have a child together at/around age 18 and are a couple at the time of the child's birth, how many of them are still together 10 years later? How many are still together 25 years later? If anybody has any stats on it, I'd be interested.”42

I can’t believe that ‘Uncle Glenn’ publically shames this 17 year-old girl by publishing a picture of this minor on his men’s advocacy site! Why in the world would Glenn Sacks exploit this 17 year-old girl who is in a clearly difficult situation? In her interview on Oprah, Sara Palin spoke about the pain of others outing her daughter, Bristol’s pregnancy. Both mom and daughter wanted to handle the disclosure their way as they should rightfully have been allowed to do, just as Mr. Sacks’ niece should have been allowed to do IF she chose to announce it to the world at all.

“My niece and her boyfriend seem to be in love, he works hard and seems to do his best to be caring and supportive, and she seems to appreciate him. Still, looking at them one sees the absolute absurdity of the idea--shared by Obama, Dan Quayle, the responsible fatherhood movement, the feminist movement, traditional women, and chivalrous men alike--that if they split up, it's because he "didn't live up to his responsibilities" or "abandoned" his child and the child's mother. The fate of this fragile young couple lies at least as much with my niece and her choices as with her boyfriend and his choices, perhaps more”43

Oh my word… he has already taken the boyfriend’s side if they break up! Blood may be thicker than water but it looks like testosterone is thicker than blood when Glenn Sacks is involved.

“One can already see how the system undermines the teen father right from the beginning. She'll go on welfare and he'll have his wages garnished to help pay for it. Thus instead of him being able to spend that money on his baby or on her or do little things to make her happy or grateful or things to help them move up in the world, the money will be going to the government. The pittance the government will get from him now pales in comparison to the overall social costs of them splitting up. It would be far better if he were allowed to use all of his meager resources to take care of his new family and keep his child's mother happy.”44

Wow, congratulations on your pregnancy and for the life you’re about to embark on. I really don’t understand how Sacks has it so backwards. Father’s who pay child support aren’t just randomly paying the government. The money goes to the children! But instead of having children without food and clothing when fathers decide not to contribute to their children’s living expenses, the government gives the mother an advance for the children. Get it Glenn? It is basically a short term loan! They government collects the child support money from the father. Welfare paid from the government is to cover the difference between the child support and the predetermined cost of living.

A month later Sacks has a whole article dedicated to “Naming My Grandnephew” Why can’t he support this pregnant teenager without exploiting her? Now his niece won’t have the ability to name her own child too?

“I just found out that my niece's baby is going to be a boy. The mother is the girl with me in the photo. If you say she looks too young to have a kid, you'd be right. If you say I look too young to be (gulp) a granduncle, you wouldn't be right, but you would be kind.”45

Those Who Live In Glass Houses
Considering what Mr. Sacks has said about me and my family without even the slightest bit of provocation on any of our parts, that saying “Those who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” keeps coming to mind as I learn more about Mr. Sacks.

From what I see looking into Mr. Sacks’ glass house, Mr. Sacks actively contributes to the very problems he complains about and is completely oblivious to the harm he’s deliberately caused and subjected his own children to! His son makes his feelings known yet Mr. Sacks continues to make this all about him so misses the point, instead using his son’s words as an opportunity to exemplify “what a good dad he is to such a troubled boy”.

And what he’s done to his daughter! Sadly for her, the consequences are yet to come but they’ll be seen in her future relationships with men, her boyfriends and husband. When we all get to see the results of Glenn’s “fine parenting” I wonder who he’ll blame it on? Probably their “absent mother” who was “completely unavailable” to her own children because she was out “enjoying her career”.

When I first began my investigation into Mr. Sacks, I thought I’d find some picture-perfect Norman Rockwell family, but at this point, Mrs. Sacks truly has my sympathy and empathy as do the Sacks children. THIS is the man who’s representing fathers? I think a better spokesman is sorely needed.

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  1. Why is Glenn Sacks obsessed with you? I used to post on his blog (I left because of his ridiculous censoring) and I remember some big expose he did on your mother. I read it and it sounded pretty damning against your mother. But I kept thinking, just what is he not saying? What is he making up? What facts did he come across and choose to ignore? Because of my own experiences at that blog, I am well aware of the distortions, lies, deliberate twisting of facts (and even my own posts) that were presented and believed without question by the MRAs. They have no credibility. They will believe anything Glenn or his buddy/moderator Robert Franklin say. And they have the forum to do and say what they please. It was frustrating for me to read things I said that were taken out of context and presented as something else entirely and then be vilified—and I am a nobody who just had opinions. This is your life, your reputation, your family’s reputation—this is personal and must be infuriating. I feel very bad for you. These people aren’t sane, they do not have normal relationships with women (or any), and they live in a world of delusion. Good for you that you have this blog and can speak your mind. I wish you luck.