I know that abusive fathers are creeps. I also have one of those too! Despite the beatings and all the other abuse that is too horrendous to talk about, my furry isn’t directed at him. Yeah… he screwed up. He was abused. Now he’s abusing. What’s new???

The real issue is that there was a deliberate attempt to conspire to conceal the abuse from numerous court officials. WHY???
If my mom retained custody, visitation denied to our abusive father and we were rightfully protected then the money trail would end there. How would the county maintain their funding?

By reversing custody to the very person who was abusing us meant years of Custody Evaluators, Psychological Evaluations, Guardian ad Litems, Visitation Supervisors, etc…. and a guaranteed income for the county for next 10 years.
I didn’t want to believe that I was sold to the highest bidder but it looks like that is the exactly what happened.

~ Jennifer

Those guilty: Judge Michael Davis, Judge Charles Porter, Susan De Vries, Jennier Livingston Rojer, Michelle Millenacker, Don Anderson, David Kleine, Jim Sias, Kathy McEnvoy,  Hennepn County Family Court Services, Minneapolis, Minnesota  

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