The Charley Project Hurts Missing Children and Their Families

When I was 9 years old, my brother (11) and I ran away from our abusive father to the safety of our mother. We went on the run together and we fled the United States. We received asylum in the Netherlands and hid for 14 years until we were found by the FBI.

I understand why missing children sites became involved and posted the standard flyer from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. When I was interviewed by the FBI the agent assured me that he would see that the various organizations would be notified of our safe return, not only that but he would make sure they removed our case from their publishing.

There were dozens of hits to my and my brother’s name and within days they trickled down to just a few, one of them being The Charley Project. I contacted the administrator Meaghan Good from Ohio but she refused to remove us from the site. In stead she wrote a hurtful article about us which was filled with untruths and outright lies.

I have written Meaghan Good at The Charley Project many times but she still refuses to rectify the inaccurate statements she made in her article. I really don’t understand how a missing person’s site can go out of their way to hurt the victims they claim to be helping.

Meaghan Good, The Charley Project

The Charley Project
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