Jennifer Collins - Yes I'm mad at Glenn Sacks

I have received hate mail from angry fathers because I call them what they are "angry men." I have been criticized by them that I am also very angry. I know I am angry. I am furious! Here’s why:

- My father beat me when I was a little girl.

- My mother did not protect me good enough (whatever her reasons were, it didn't make sense to me as a child.)

- The court did not protect us. In fact they took us away from our mother and left us alone with that monster.

- I was only 7 years old and it took every ounce of courage I had to disobey my father when he told me not to tell anyone about his continued abuse. When I was at court supervised visitaiton I lifted my shirt to expose the welts and bruised on my back and bottom. I clearly stated. "He's still hurting us."

- The supervisors told me to shut up. They made me pull my shirt down. They yelled at me and told me "You are not allowed to talk about those kinds of things anymore."

- My mom didn't even tell me that what he did was wrong. All she did was cry. She didn't help me. She was my mom! How could she send me back to him when she saw the bruises?

- When I was only 9 years old, I ran away from everything, both the good and the bad to get safe.

- I had to change my name, my hair color and my whole identity.

- I couldn't have any contact with my friends, family, aunt, uncles, etc...

- I missed my dog and my cat.

- I longed for my favorite stuffed animal and my own toys.

- I had to remain in hiding for 14 years, constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure my father hadn't found us.

- When we were found, I had to fight for justice for my mother so she wouldn't go to jail for believing us.

- I called my father and all he could say to me was "you are 14 years too late."

- And now .... 17 years later, there is a big jerk named Glenn Sacks who is telling the world that these things never happened to me.

Yes I am angry! I am sad and hurt as well, but if I give into those emotions I am afraid that I will just fall to pieces. So please forgive me if I am not reacting the way you all think I should act.

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