Glenn Sacks Willing Participant in Domestic Violence by Proxy Case by Jennifer Collins

Does anyone else notice that there is a 40 something year old fathers' rights guy named Glenn Sacks who keeps stalking ME and My Family? He has never met me or my mother but he represents the very man who beat us, kicked us and tortured us for years. I don’t know if Glenn Sacks is now acting alone or if he is still acting on behalf of our stalker/abuser, my father, Mark J Collins, Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Several different judges found that my father was abusive. My father admitted to beating up my mother and breaking her nose “2 or 3 times.” He admitted to strangling me and my brother when we were children and threatening to kill us all.

Glenn Sacks obsession with my mother is frightening. He keeps trying to convince people that I was not abused by my father. He keeps searching through my personal records, my doctor’s reports, our Court Sealed Files and even my mom’s child protection records from when she was molested as a little girl. He twists the evidence and post vicious lies about our family. My brother and I have asked him to leave us alone but he keeps harassing us to the point where it might be considered stalking. Glenn Sacks even goats me and publically dares us to sue him.

This is a typical approach of my father: when he couldn't beat my mother anymore, he resulted to Domestic Violence by Proxy and he physically abused me and my brother to hurt my mother. Now that he can't beat me and my brother anymore and can't get to our mother through us, he is using Glenn Sacks to try to continue to manipulate and control us.

I wonder how much my father is paying Glenn Sacks, bribing him or "donating" to him to defend his abuse of his ex-wife and children. Glenn Sacks certainly is guilty of being an accomplice to DVbP by participating in my father’s continued emotional abuse of us today.

In one of Sacks recent articles he talks about a American/Italian boy who told Italian authorities that his father was hurting him. The Italian government is protecting the little boy from his abusive American father. Glenn Sacks has decided to support another abusive father. Surprised? I'm not! Out of the blue at the end of an article that has nothing to do with me and my brother Glenn Sacks writes: "I've previously noted the similarities between this nightmarish case and the Holly Collins Prartental Kidnapping case--to learn more, click here."

Is this the only way this jerk can get people's attention to mention my name, a 24 year old college student who is desperately trying to heal from my father's abuse, in his articles? Glenn Sacks keeps capitalizing off of the pain and suffering of my family. I just want this jerk who is acting on behalf of my abusive father to leave me alone. Doesn't anyone else think that this is enough?

Can someone please stop these men from harassing me?

Jennifer Collins
Abused Daughter of:
Mark Jude Collins
9330 Juneau Ln N
Maple Grove, MN 55369-8300
(763) 420-6930

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