Jennifer Collins Researches Glenn Sacks Invasion into Her Life

Okay… I think I understand the recent flurry of activity regarding my own case. I couldn’t understand why these angry father’s rights guys suddenly started attacking me again. Apparently it all started on July 27 2009 when Glenn Sacks launched an attack against the Feminist Family Law Movement. I didn’t know that this organization existed. So why are they on his hit list? Is this just another one of those gender battles that Glenn Sacks has launched again?

Glenn Sacks writes: The Feminist Family Law Movement claims that abusive fathers often employ Parental Alienation as a way to wrest custody from protective mothers in family court... The FFLM has promoted several cause celebre cases in recent years as a way to garner public sympathy and political support for their agenda. I've investigated many of these cases and have found the FFLM's claims about them to be very inaccurate...

The most recent of the FFLM's cause celebres cases is the Holly Collins case. Collins fled to Holland with her two children in 1993, claiming that her husband had abused the children and that she needed to flee to protect them. Last year I appeared on a Fox national TV show with Geraldo Rivera and Jennifer Collins, Holly's 24-year-old daughter who supports her mother's version of events. Jennifer Collins claims she's a victim of her father's false claims of Parental Alienation."

Let's stop right here for a moment. Mr. Sacks keeps putting the cart before the horse. My brother and I told our mother that we were being abused during visitation. Our mother believed us. Thank goodness our mother supports OUR version of events!

Mr. Sacks continues: "At the time of the TV show…I thought it might be another fake case… As the Holly Collins case continued to grow in prominence, I asked for a volunteer who would help me investigate it... then I decided to go ahead and investigate it myself. In January I wrote a detailed, 10,000 word analysis of the case which cited all of the case's key court records, documents,”

Glenn Sacks obsession in our case is remarkable and (most disturbing!) Note that Mr. Sacks asked 50,000+ people to investigate my mother yet our story held up under all the scrutiny because it is the truth! Mr. Sacks couldn't get any of his 50,000 supporters to come forward with solid evidence so he had to invent it himself! He only sited partial details of our case and he couldn't even keep the facts straight. Mr. Sacks omitted the most important evidence regarding the abuse to my brother and me!

"Upon investigation it became very apparent that what we were told by Holly, Jennifer, and their allies about the Holly Collins case was very inaccurate. Subsequent to my investigation, Holly and Jennifer Collins (pictured above on Inside Edition last year) and their FFLM allies have endlessly vilified me on the Internet."

There was (no) investigation by Glenn Sacks! He went on a witch hunt and when he could not find damming information about another battered woman coming forward he concocted it himself. It is interesting that Glenn Sacks can rip innocent people to shreds, distort the truth and even concoct outright lies about people he doesn’t even know, yet when he is caught in his web of deception Glenn Sacks cries foul.

"However, despite the fact that Jennifer has repeatedly written that she has all of the court documents from her mother's case in her possession, neither Holly nor Jennifer nor their allies have done the obvious--go through the 30 separate problems I detail with Holly's version of events and attempt to debunk them one by one."

Ummm…. Why does Mr. Sacks consistently lie about me and the events that happened in my past? In my blog on March 4 2009 I addressed his article and lies in detail; point by point. Mr. Sacks didn’t like that I called him on his lies so he keeps repeating the lies over and over again. Glenn Sacks latest lie is “Jennifer won’t answer me” but what in fact Mr. Sacks is saying “Jennifer Collins won’t say what I want her to say!’

But again, the point is that another angry man forced his way into our lives uninvited. Why should I have to answer to some stranger who is spouting lies about me and my family? Glenn Sacks repeatedly attack us and basically call me a liar for coming forward about the abuse I suffered as a child. Mr. Sacks seems nothing but a bitter, angry man who is trying to cover up abuse to children all over the United States.

I would add that from the moment I wrote up my analysis of each of these three cases--Loeliger, Shockome, and Collins --not one of these previously prominent cases has received even a small bit of mainstream media attention.

First Glenn Sacks criticized abused children and their battered mothers for going public and now he criticizes us that we're still not in the public eye. First of all, we did not initiate the media. We are not seeking media attention. I just wanted justice which we finally received; that all kidnapping charges against my mother be dismissed!

What's needed is a system which properly and impartially investigates claims, so that children like Murphy's daughter are protected, but women like Shockome and Collins are unable to use false claims to drive their ex-husbands out of their children's lives.

Mr. Sacks has it half right this time. We need a system that will protect all children from abuse! How long was it and how much abuse did the little “Murphy girl” endure before she was finally protected? What about Zachary and me, the Shockome children and all the other kids who are being abused? What about us? According to Mr. Sacks we deserved the abuse we suffered.

Glenn Sacks keeps getting it backwards when he says that our mother is the one who started saying that we were abused. My brother and I told our mother as well as numerous professionals about the horrible abuse our father was doing to us. All my mother did was listen to us, believe us and did whatever she could to protect us. Mr. Sacks and his angry followers keep forgetting the fact that children grow up! I am that child. I can speak for the abuse we suffered. Mr. Sacks refuses to listen!

Glenn Sacks continues to scream, stomp his feet and try to convince me and everyone else that what happened to us just didn't happen at all. This is exactly what my father did to us and with the courts 17 years ago. Glenn Sacks behavior mimics that of my batterer.

Organizations like Stop Family Violence could play a positive role here by actively counseling women not to make false claims--claims which can lead courts to suspect or not act on the accusations made by legitimately protective mothers like Joyce Murphy. And one way for Stop Family Violence to start would be to publicly disavow false accusers such as Collins, Loeliger, and Shockome.

Does anyone else think that the only reason Glenn Sacks is coming out with support for this woman is because her husband is in jail for molesting other people’s children? At least (and thank goodness!) that even Mr. Sacks cannot continue to support an abusive father when the guy is in jail for rape.

I feel Glenn Sacks is liable for personally defaming my mother, Holly Collins, as a false accuser. Mr. Sacks keeps avoiding the real issue: Mark Collins beat his 17 year old wife for years and then his young children as well! These angry men like Mr. Sacks keep twisting the real issue here and keep fighting for fathers rights above the rights of abused children.

Why would he do that?

Why would anyone do that?

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