Momentum of Mothers Praises Holly Collins

Letter from MomentumofMothers (MOM),

Holly Collins can only be described as a "Lion" and she is my hero and the hero of many other mothers out here!

She was able to protect herself and her children from her abuser. One of the saddest parts of Holly Collins story is that she is NOT alone! Women are being "stalked" in Family Court by their abusers and it's in part to be blamed on government funding called "Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives".

Literally thousands of mothers nationwide have lost custody to their abuser, in fact “the studies are showing” that up to 2/3 of accused or adjudicated batterers receive joint or sole custody in court. Joan Meier, Esq.

We are a group of mothers that have joined together online in a "Sisterhood" of sharing or losing custody to our ex abuser's. We have blogged, put up websites, signed petitions, joined other groups and we keep trying to receive justice, not only in our own cases but for each other and future mothers

and from another Grass Roots Organization:

Remember that name "Holly Collins?" She is the mother who fled this country with her children in order to protect them from an abusive father. She found refuge in the Netherlands, where she was given political asylum. The government of the Netherlands took on the task of protection that US and state governments had refused. Among other things, Holly Collins is noted for her response to a court which agreed to drop other charges against her--so she could return to her homeland with her children--provided she would agree to plead guilty to contempt of court. Her reply was to the effect that she would, of course, be willing to plead guilty to contempt of court, since she had nothing but contempt for a court which had failed to protect her children.

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