Holly Collins Courage is Recognized

Many mothers, having found no protection under the law for their minor children, elect to disobey the judge’s ruling regarding an abusive father’s visitation or custody rights and “go underground.”

Holly Collings is one such mother. According to a report in FamilyViolence.org, this Minneapolis mother courageously fled the country fourteen years ago with her three young children, and now she wants to come back home. The problem is that the Minneapolis District Attorney refuses to drop the charges pending against Holly related to fleeing with her children more than a decade ago. In fact, the district attorney threatened to arrest Holly and deny her all contact with her children the minute she sets foot on U.S. soil. See an excerpt from the article below.

Holly Collins Saved Her Children!

All Parental Abduction Charges Against Holly Collins Have Been dropped!


Holly Collins is a Free Woman!

Way To Go Holly!

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