January 29 2009 - Holly Collins: Father's Rights Not Above Children's Rights

I can't believe that there are some people (total strangers like Glenn Sacks and his followers)who are demanding that I prove that my mother, my brother and I were abused by my father and that my mother and her sister were abused by their mother and step-father.

I have proven that my father (and step-mother) abused me, my brother and my mother. The truth that my father abused us has been proven over and over again: My mothers step father is a big shot attorney and they have threatend to sue me if I divulge any information about his sexual abuse to my mother and her sister when they were children. My mother and her sister do not want to relive the abuse so I will respect their privacy.

The documents are overwhelming that my mother suffered severe sexual abuse from her exhusband/my father. I don't want to know what he did to her. It's bad enough knowing what he did to me and my brother. I think it is absoutely disgusting that some people would release deatails of severe sexual abuse to a victim in such a public forum in attempts to humilliate the victim.

I will make one last statement regarding the personal attacks from these complete strangers whos morbid curiosity in knowing the details of sexual, physical and emotional abuse of women and children.

One last time to make things clear:

We told our mother that our father and his girlfriend were hurting us. She saw the bruises. Our mother believed us!

Several friends, neighbors and mothers from our school were witnesses to incidents. They saw the bruises and wrote affidavids.

Our pediatrician treated our injuries. He believed us and made reports to child protection to try to protect us.

Our allergist spoke with our father and knew that he was making us ill by feeding us foods we were allergic to and blowing smoke in our face. Our allergist made reports to child protection and was even held in contempt of court for accusing the judge of not protecting us.

Our priest testified that our father admitted to him that he abused us.

Child Protection found that our father was abusive and forced our mother take us and leave him.

Our child psychologist found that we were abused by our father.

Zachary’s child psychiatrist believed him as well.

All the doctors from the Boston Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Trauma Team investigated both my mothers and fathers claims of abuse. They found that we were abused by our father.

The Minnesota family court found that domestic violence occurred.

The Minnesota Appellate Court found that my father committed domestic abuse.

The United States federal authorities were notified the moment we were apprehended in the Netherlands in 1994. For 14 years the American Government did not try to have us extradited!

The Netherlands Ministries of Justice were initially against giving asylum to an American and did a complete investigation which took 3 years long! They concluded that we were severely abused by our father and it was much too dangerous to return us to the United States. We were the first Americans to be granted asylum in Holland.

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted an investigation in 2006 and concluded that my father was abusive.

The United States Federal Court dropped the international kidnapping charge against our mother!

The Minnesota Federal parental abduction charges against our mother were dismissed.

The Hennepin County ‘Deprivation of Parental Rights’ charge was dropped.

The only thing that my mother pleaded guilty to was one count of Contempt of Court because she would not apologize to Judge Porter for disobeying his order. She clearly stated "I have contempt for the court which failed to protect my children." She completed 40 hours of community service and has been totally exonerated!

Several reporters actually went to the Court House in Minneapolis and thoroughly investigated the complete case. They spent hours, days, weeks, months going through all of the court records. They all concluded that we were telling the truth. Now self proclaimed father’s rights advocates has printed several articles about our case, which contain half truths, blatant misrepresentation of the facts and out-right lies.

I have disproved them on several occasions! Enough is enough!

Even though they are desperately trying to defend a wife beater and child abuser, they can not.

The truth will prevail!

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