Glenn Sacks is a proven liar in the Holly Collins case

Glenn Sacks has posted my mother's mail (to domestic violence advocates) on his site as if she responded to his lies. This guys deception is shameless!

Glenn Sacks has printed an article about our family which is slanderous and liable. I found it very upsetting. So many domestic violence organizations told me not to worry about it because the abuse has been proven over and over again. However so many people (followers of his site) have written to me and asked me to give one example (only one… to prove that I am telling the truth.) You know that once Glenn Sacks is disproved on any one of his false claims he will want me to address another incident and then another. Although I can disprove everything he says, I am not going to enter into a 'tit for tat' debate with this guy.

The most important issue of concern to Glenn Sacks readers is when my father fractured Zachary’s skull. I will address this one incident and once I prove that Glenn Sacks is a liar, I expect him and his followers to leave me and my family alone!

Glenn Sacks clearly states “Holly Collins has repeatedly accused Mark Collins of fracturing their son Zachary's skull in a violent rage. However, the injury was sustained by Zachary when he fell forward on a ride in an amusement park.”

Zachary was in an accident at an amusement park in 1986. Because there was gross negligence on the amusement park, they made a settlement. My brother had several tests, xrays and CAT scans done. There were no broken bones at all! The diagnosis was closed head trauma. The direct medical records (which Glenn Sacks posted on his site) from Doctor Richard G. Ellenbogen, neurologist at the Boston Children’s Hospital, on July 24 1986 clearly states: “My assessment at this time is that Zachary Collins is doing quite well. Status: Post Closed Head Injury. The only neurological deficit that I can detect is a pupil that is larger on the right than the left.” The medical reports from the Boston Children’s Hospital specifically states: “His head revealed no evidence of fracture or depression.”

A year later, on July 15th 1987, in Minneapolis Minnesota, my father, Mark Collins beat up my mother again. My brother heard the beating and my mother’s cries for help. He got out of bed and my father was so angry at him that he repeatedly slammed my brother into the wall.

The meidcal records from Dr. H. Prewitt Minneapolis Children’s Hospital July 16 1987 clearly states: "Linear non-depressed fracture of the right partial bone. The fracture is located in the anterior one-third of the parietal bone. Prominent soft tissue swelling accompanies the fracture.”

The medical records from Dr. Jeffrey S. Scriff, the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital clearly state on July 17 1987: “Depressed Skull Fracture”

My brother’s own words to the child psychologist are clearly documented in the medical records: "My dad came running up the stairs and he punched me in the wall and threw me in my bed. My head hurt a lot and when my dad fell asleep my mom came in my bed with me. She said she was sorry and she wouldn't let him hurt me anymore... My mom took me to the hospital and the doctor said that my head was broke." ~Zachary

Today Zachary is 25 years old and has issued a written statement: “I was abused by my father Mark Collins and his wife Rena Collins. I have received many years of therapy. I solemnly swear that my father physically beat us. I witnessed him beating my mother on numerous occasions. My father hit me and slammed me into the wall. I was scared and I was in severe physical pain. The doctors told me that the ‘big bone’ in my head was broken. There are other incidents of physical abuse with collaborating medical records substantiating the physical abuse from my father. It would be easy to prove the abuse. However they are of an extremely private, sensitive nature and I do not want them revealed in a public forum. The past is too painful and I do not want to relive it. I wish to be left alone by the media. Sincerely, Zachary Collins"

In the middle of the night of July 15 1987 Mark Collins beat his son so severely that he fractured the bone in the little boy’s skull! There is no room for doubt.

Glenn Sacks is a liar and is trying to cover up a batterers physical abuse to his wife and children.

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  1. Sacks and his followers have no credibility among people who have an ounce of intelligence. You can't argue with madness- insanity can't reason.

    Yes- there are a few of these twisted humans out there- and they are vocal. Very noisy. Apparently in prisons, the convicted can be very noisy about their innocence,also. The one example you give-is sufficient. All you need to do -is re-send it- whenever some noise happens. Or ignore.