Holly Collins Produces Irrefutable Evidence in Child Abuse Case.

Holly Ann Collins Provide Transcripts of Conversations with Hennepin County Personnel.

I have been going through the court documents to research what happened in my parent’s custody case. I know that we were abused and I want to know how it was ignored by the family court.

I have found several folders with numerous transcripts of conversations my mother had with various Hennepin County Family Court Personnel. OMG! My mother was right! She can prove everything she said! We told Them that He was hurting us! My mother begged for our protection! I can’t believe that Hennepin County Family Court Services, Michael London (Guardian Ad Litem) Judge Michael Davis and Judge Charles A. Porter Jr. could ignore evidence and force us to live with a man they knew was dangerous.

How can court officials get away with unethical behavior? How could they lie under oath? I have the proof now! I have it in my hands. So now what do I do with it? Is there any way them accountable for all the unnecessary abuse we suffered resulting from their lies and malpractice?

It is going to take me some time to post all of this information, but I am going to prove that we were telling the truth once and for all and I am going to find a way to hold them responsible!


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