Hennepin County Guardian Ad Litem's Failure

Guardian Ad Litem Fails to Understand Domestic Violence
Michael London Affidavit November 1992:

My feeling is that the children want a relationship with their father but are fearful to let their mother know their desires. Zachary has stated to me, court services personnel and dr. cline that he wants his father to apologize to him for what he says Mr. Collins has done to frighten or hurt him…

Ms. Collins seems to be extremely protective of the children. It is quite difficult to determine how much of the fear expressed by the children are their own or that which they have learned from their mothers. My impression is that Ms. Collins is significantly contributing to the children’s fears and anxiety. She is projecting or transferring her anxiety to the children…

Interestingly Holly was not observant of the phone schedule and failed to call on a scheduled evening. Further she extended her stay in Boston causing her to miss one of two scheduled visits with the children. I arranged for a supervised visit between the children and Holly on September 4 1992 just 2 days before the children were returned to her. Although she contacted me several times from Boston to tell me of her desire to see the children, she seemed more concerned with arranging her affairs in Boston. By contrast Mr. Collins behavior has been quite calm. He has been cooperative and reasonable with respect to all requests made of him... His current behavior does not suggest a violent nature and he has controlled his anger appropriately...

The best interest of the children are best served by a modification of custody. I feel that Ms. Collins’ fears of Mr. Collins cause fear and anxiety in the children with respect to their father. Further this conduct undermines and deters any possible father child relationship. Therefore the children’s emotional health and emotional development is endangered.

Although a change in custody from Ms. Collins to Mr. Collins will be difficult for the children, the harm like to be cause by such change is outweighed by the long term advantages to the children.

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