November 27 2008 - Happy Anniversary!

Hi, this is Jennifer and this is my update for November 27 2008.

It was one year ago today that I started my campaign "Justice for Jennifer's Mom."

I was determined to find justice for my mother who was facing possible incarceration for protecting me and my brother from (court appointed) child abuse. I knew that I had to break the silence and spread the word. I honestly believed that if the public knew what had happened to me and my brother someone would help us find justice.

Believe me, it wasn’t easy. It's funny how so many people criticized me and said that this was not the way to find justice. I was warned that I would loose credibility by trying our case in the media. However I was determined to expose the corruption!

I decided to write to every Minnesota Representative/ Senator, every US State Senator and any help organization I could find. At first I was dismissed. So many people assumed that my mother must have invented the stories of abuse. However when I went through all the documentation and could prove that I and my brother were telling the truth about the abuse and that my mother was honestly trying to protect us, people started to take notice. News of our story started to spread. I found a great attorney and even the media picked up on our story.

After a massive email campaign of over 1000 emails, I have accomplished my goals of freeing my mother and securing the safety of my little brother.

Now I am determined to help other children who are victims of the system. I realize that many of you are scared and forced to suffer in silence. I believe that by exposing the corruption of the family court, we will be able to rescue children from abuse.

I am starting my own organization to expose court appointed child abuse. I would appreciate all the support and advice you have to offer.