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(There is a horrible man who has opened his own blog ‘the children underground watch” and for the last 6 months he has been posting horrible things about our family. He has ignored the documents substantiating abuse to me, my brother and my mother. My mother’s attorney advised me that I should not respond to any public criticism of my mom’s case until the legal issues were resolved. When all criminal charges against my mother were dropped, we were hoping that this man would go away. Those who have been supporting us suspect hey know his identity; an abusive father who was suspected to also be an abusive father who’s child was being protected by the same attorney who is trying to protect us..)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"This year's case is that of Holly Ann Collins and the child exploited is her kidnapped daughter and victim in the case Jennifer Collins." (Let’s get something clear…. My brother and I ran away from our father’s house. My mother came to get us and rescued us from abuse.)

"Counseling - If Holly Ann Collins were a concerned and "protective parent", why wouldn't she be raising money to provide therapy for her children rather than a legal defense fee?" (We have already had years of the best trauma therapy in the world. Our medical insurance, which my mother paid for every month, covered our treatment.)

"Jennifer Collins belongs in college where she might have been had she not be parentally kidnapped by her proclaimed "protective parent.” (I’m in college!)

(He goes on to say that we are on welfare and a plague to our neighborhood. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. This is outright slander.)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

With all that said, there is an quote from Alan Rosenfeld in the Winter 1995 edition of the Family Advocate:

"Alan Rosenfeld recalls an analogy made by Richard DuCote, a New Orleans attorney:

(1) Watch her child be killed;

(2) Run into the road, throw the child to safety, and be hit herself; or

(3) Stay with her child and be killed together. Which is the best choice?'"

(This man, who only idetifies himself as Brian goes on an on and posts lies from Beth Imm who is hiding behind the titte Tasha Polistar.)

Friday, July 11, 2008
Holly Ann Collins Case An Insult to Victim Parents

Comment from readers:

Hesperis said...
Holly Collins used all her legal alternatives and was left with three children coming home bruised by her husband. Sometimes, there just aren't alternatives and a parent has to be brave enough to protect her children above all... Ms Collins is planning on returning to the US to clear her name.

The Editor said...
Hi Hesperis,

What Holly Ann Collins did is considered in the Family Abduction Community to be one of the cruelest forms of child maltreatment and the most severe act of "Family Violence". (He's got it all wrong! - The beatings we took from my father and his girlfriend/wife we much worse!)

hburns76 said...

I am certain that Ms. Collins did indeed exhaust her legal remedies. I also saw the bruises on those children when they returned from their father. I heard them waking from nightmares. I saw Holly Ann's face bloodied and bruised. I heard that horrid man, Mark (her ex husband) boast of what he had done to her and threaten to do worse again and again.

Yes, Holly Ann did make the decision herself to judge that beating and torturing her children was wrong. No, she did not act as executioner: she stopped Mark from being one yet again.

Legality does not equate Justice.
Shame on you.

molly.shamrock said...
This is a case where I don't think that "Parental Alienation" is the case. There is too much evidence of ongoing abuse to think that she "made it up". This was a mother trying to protect her children. She has my support.

The Editor said...
Hi Hesperis, HBurns and Molly,

I am starting to receive more detailed information about this case. I acknowledge that each of you say they have seen the "evidence" …She kidnapped her children and now she must take responsibility for that.

Thighmaster said...

"Jennifer Collins' mother Holly was forced to take her children to the Netherlands to escape their abusive father. Holly took Jennifer and her brother into hiding in 1994 after the children reported abuse by their father. Declarations from doctors, social workers and psychologists confirmed the children’s claims and

recommended against the children being in their father’s care, but the family court judge ordered the children be placed in the father’s custody. Desperate to protect her children, Holly fled with them to the Netherlands, where they were provided with asylum after an international court found it would be too dangerous for the children to return, and Holly was declared a human rights refugee. When the FBI located the Collins in 2008 to pursue federal kidnapping charges against Holly, the Netherlands would not extradite, and the charges were later dropped.

Monday, July 14, 2008
Children's Drawings as Evidence

Using children's artwork in such a manner is extremely controversial since it is impossible to know if the children were coached when they the artwork was created... Finally, the interpretation of those drawings is never done by a licensed therapist, but by the underground mom herself. (They pictures were drawn in were done in court appointed therapy. My mother wasn’t even in the room.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Holly Ann Collins - it's time to "Mom Up"
Holly Ann Collins wants her day in a United States Family Court.

So what is so special about Holly Ann Collins case that would compel her to believe that America's court system was not capable of determining the custody of her children. The same court system that handles the divorces of all other law bidding Americans. (The family court system is corrupt. A criminal receives more human rights that an American child.)

Bring on the News Media - Holly Ann Collins
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
StopFamilyViolence.org - Letter Writing Campaign
The Executive Director of StopFamilyViolence.org, a federally funded organization who receives taxpayer dollars as part of the Violence Against Women Act, is sponsoring a letter writing campaign to the Minnesota District Attorney and Minnesota Governor urging them to not prosecute Holly Ann Collins for International parental kidnapping... parental kidnapping as one of the most severe forms of family violence. These funds should be used for law-abiding citizens... As I've said before, Holly Ann Collins, it's time to "mom up". You need to fly back to the United States and plead gulity and take responsibility for your actions.

What is Famiy Abduction?
I've been reading some comments about the Holly Ann Collins Family Abduction case and it occurred to me that most people have very little knowledge about this horrible crime against children... Family abduction happens when a family member, usually a parent, kidnaps and conceals a child for any length of time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008
A Video for the Holly Ann Collins Children TakeRoot.Org Website (funny, I wrote to them so many times and they never responded.)

Protecting the Parental Kidnapping Victim
Inasmuch as we can debate all of the above, the only way to get to the truth in this matter is to bring Holly Ann Collins to criminal trial.

Jenandrhi said: tashapolistar (aka Beth Imm) please quit stalking Holly and Jennifer.

Friday, July 18, 2008
Please help this couragous family. =PETITION=
This is our version of the current petition that some of the Domestic Violence groups are sending around.

"Fourteen years ago, in a desperate and cowardice act of anger and revenge to prevent her children from having a relationship with their custodial parent, Holly Collins kidnapped her children and "went underground"... (My mom is nothing but a (S)HERO)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Holly Ann Collins 10 Children from 3 different fathers (No there are actually 5 different fathers and 3 different mothers. Give me a break! She is the one who is taking sole responsibility for all 10 children!)

Parental Kidnapping Laws Violated by Holly Ann Collins

1) International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act of 1993.
"Sec. 1204. International parental kidnapping Affirmative Defence: "(c) It shall be an affirmative defense under this section that -- "(2) the defendant was fleeing an incidence or pattern of domestic violence; (He lists himself that she had an affirmative defense.)

2) 2007 Minnesota Statutes Subd. 2. Defenses. It is an affirmative defense if a person charged under subdivision 1 proves that:

(1) the person reasonably believed the action taken was necessary to protect the child from physical or sexual assault or substantial emotional harm;

(2) the person reasonably believed the action taken was necessary to protect the person taking the action from physical or sexual assault;

(He lists it himself… she had a clear defense!)

Underground Group - Cult or Cause?

I notice unconditional almost "cult-like" support for Holly Ann Collins on several websites for this proclaimed underground or protective parent mom. I'm not sure if Holly Ann Collin's supporters are a "cult" or a "cause" (When justice fails so blatantly, a public outcry will be heard. ~Jennifer Collins)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Profile of a Family Abductor - Which one is Holly Ann Collins?
1. Parents who have threatened to abduct or abducted previously.
2. Parents who are suspicious or distrustful due to the belief that abuse has occurred and have social support for these beliefs.
3. Parents who are paranoid delusional.
4. Parents who are severely sociopathic.
5. Parents who have strong ties to another country and are ending a mixed-culture marriage.
6. Parents who feel alienated from the legal system for reasons such as they are members of a minority group, victims of abuse, and have family/social support in another community. (None of the above! She was just a loving mother trying to protect her children from abuse.)

Saturday, July 26, 2008
Your Opinion on the Holly Ann Collins Case
What do you think of the Holly Ann Collins Case?

a) I do not support Holly Ann Collins because I believe she is an alleged Parental Kidnapper and should be deported by the Netherlands government immediately and should be turned over to the FBI and /or the Hennepin County Minnesota District Attorney to stand trial in the United States for parental kidnapping.

b) I do not support Holly Ann Collins because I believe she kidnapped her children out of anger or revenge and not to protect her children. I believe she did not have a reasonable belief her children would be harmed and she had many other legal alternatives before going underground with her children.

c) I do not support Holly Ann Collins because I believe she parentally kidnapped her children and that the emotional harm inflicted on them is a very cruel form of child abuse.

d) I support Holly Ann Collins because I have personal knowledge that Holly Collins is domestic violence victim and should be believed because she is a woman and a mother and all women and mothers would never lie to protect their children.

e) I support Holly Ann Collins because I think the U.S. Family law courts should go back to maternal custody because all women are more qualified than all men to raise their children. Furthermore if a divorce occurs, it's probably the father's fault and he should be punished. I believe as part of his lifelong punishment that he be entitled to weekend visitation only but more importantly that end result would be a larger amount of child support or cash for me.

f) I support Holly Ann Collins because I am a domestic violence survivor and if it happened to me, I know it happened to her.

g) I support Holy Ann Collins because I am a supporter of the "protective parent" cause. The publicity from Holly's case will hopefully encourage other mothers to go into hiding and that will help me professionally since I specialize in "protective parent" or underground cases.

h) I support Holly Ann Collins because I am one of Holly's family members or relatives and I believe any publicity in her case will possibly lead to a book and movie deal for Holly. Holly lives in poverty right and the book and movie deal is her only chance to improve her life.

i) I am undecided on this case.

(It’s almost funny how this guy thinks.)

Most underground moms always have the "secret documents" or the "evidence that proves their case" but in almost every case I've seen, these mom completely ignore any evidence that would question their belief as well as their legal alternatives... Holly Ann Collins wants to clear her name, then she should "mom up" and surrender to U.S. law enforcement to face prosecution rather than cowardly hiding in the Netherlands. She could say for the benefit of all of her children that "I'm sorry I made a mistake" (She did… she said I’m sorry I left you so long in that abuse.)

She should get all of her children into therapy (We have all been to therapy.)

What I've found in these cases is that it always come back to the following issues:

1. Did the kidnapping parent have a "reasonable belief" that they were protecting their child(ren) when they boarded the plane for the other country? (Holly Clearly had a reasonable belief that she was protecting her children. The FBI investigation even concluded that.)

2. Did the parent exhaust there legal remedies before they boarded the plane for the other country? (for 18 months and 8 days my mother tried everything to free us from my father’s abusive custody. She had been tyring over 5 years to find protection for us within the family court.)

3. Is the evidence regarding the alleged domestic violence from a qualified law enforcement or medial professional? Is their conflicting evidence? (Yes, there are numerous police reports, medical records, hospital records, xrays, etc…)

4. What were the children told when they were in hiding regarding their other parent? Were they told the other parent was dead, someone else etc.? Were the children's names changed? (We were told that we could go back when ever we wanted.)

I would concur that the parent did not exhaust their legal remedies and the true motive would be "anger and revenge" which is usually the situation in parental kidnapping cases. (Nope! Holly was motivated by fear! And a mother’s responsibility to protect her children!)

"Holly Collins, it's time to Mom Up"

jrigole said...
I think that Holly Ann Collins did the right thing. Her daughter Jennifer Collins stated on Dutch TV (VARA) interview in the Dutch language (not Engish) that she was afraid of her father, and is thank full that she got asylum in the Netherlands.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
The information on the Holly Ann Collins case below was provided by Tasha (Beth Imm.) I'm not sure about the accuracy of this information but it pretty much follows the same course as the other underground parental kidnapping cases. (He admits he doesn’t know if the information is accurage.)

Lastly, as I've said before, "Holly Ann Collins, it's time to Mom UP", do the right thing and fly back to the United States, leave all of your children with their fathers and take some responsibility for your actions! You are not a heroic protective parent but you are a cowardly, narcissistic parental kidnapper! (Who is the coward here. He won’t even reveal his true identity.)

Thursday, August 14, 2008
Holly Ann Collins won't Mom Up until after the Olympics
We've been following these underground parental kidnapping cases for years and there is little doubt Holly Ann Collins won't be surrendering until after the Olympics... I've seen her story promoted on many of the websites and I simply can't believe how the site owners can unilaterally copy and paste the information provided to them by Holly Ann Collins or her alleged supporters. To be honest, some of the information appears like a template from the other cases, all she had to do was to substitute her name.

So enjoy the rest of your summer Holly Ann Collins because I am hoping that after the Olympics, it's your turn to "mom up"! (He's right about one thing mom... let's have a great summer and forget about all of this craziness!)

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