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September 26, 2008

I received this email this morning from the Children’s Protection Alliance (CPA):

It seems that CPA has touched a nerve for the father's rights advocates. We are making headway in the national media in exposing the truth re: the PAS strategy that abusers use to get custody of children, which seems to enrage these individuals.

Just today, CPA was responsible for national media coverage on a national FOX television show which QUESTIONED THE VALIDITY of the PAS legal strategy -CPA arranged to have Dr. Joy Silberg of the Leadership Council as a guest on the Mike & Juliet Morning Show, where she debated the fathers rights advocate, Glenn Sacks, and fellow guest GERALDO RIVERA DEFENDED Dr. Silberg’s position.

- Watch the video clip of today’s national TV show on the PAS strategy, on the Mike & Juliet Show - on the homepage of the CPA website: - under “News & Updates”

Glenn Sacks did not do very well on the TV segment, but Dr. Silberg clearly had the audience, and even the host on her side in questioning the validity of the PAS legal strategy.

Child victim of the PAS strategy, Jennifer Collins, was also interviewed from the audience. The host and audience reacted with shock and anger to hear how Jennifer’s violent father received sole physical/legal custody of her and her brother after accusing the mother of PAS, though the father had crushed/fractured the brother’s skull when he was just 4 years old.

From the story of “Lonely Mama” listed on your comments section at the link you provided, it is time the PAS strategy is exposed in the national media to educate the public re: this dangerous theory, which has ruined the lives and harmed so many children and protective parents.

Thank you,
The Children’s Protection Alliance

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