Thousands Of Dallas Men Rally Against Domestic Violence: ‘It’s Our Problem’

FABULOUS!!!! I am fortunate to have some really great guys in my life; my adoptive father in The Netherlands, Ben Atherton-Zeman, Barry Goldstein, Barry Nolan, Alan Rosenfeld, Lundy Bancroft and of course my brother Zachary Collins. Now I'd like to add Dale Hansen and these guys to my list! Thank you so much for breaking the 'Gender partisan'! 
When I was a kid my father broke my mother’s nose 3 times (He testified to this under oath.) and dislocated her shoulder in front of me and my brother (Again, he admitted this in court.) but the judge found that the abuse to our mother was ...irrelevant pertaining to us kids.
He determined that her fear of our father was causing ‘parental alienation’ so he reversed custody to our abusive father. Needless to say our father beat us as well! Eventually our mom ‘kidnapped’ us back, and we fled the country.
We were granted asylum in The Netherlands and hid there for 17 years. After the FBI found us we recently returned to the USA.
Now hundreds of abused mothers and children are begging me to help them but I don’t’ know how. Sometimes it is discouraging, especially when I receive threats from certain father's rights groups saying that I should be "raped to death" to shut me up.
This story restores my faith in “Man Kind” and “Kind Men”! Thank you so much!
Jennifer Collins,
Executive Director
Courageous Kids Network

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