The Charley Project - Exploiting Missing and Abused Children

"Meaghan Good's fascination with missing people started when she was 12. At age 17, she founded the Charley Project web site. is a database of over 9,000 missing people and children. Good says it's a tool that brings all of a missing persons information into one place.

Good says she spends anywhere from 4 to 12 hours a day researching and posting missing people to the web site. Her goal is to post 10 cases as day. For Good, working on the Charley Project gives her a sense of satisfaction.
The outcome of these cases may not always be what she is hoping for, but Good says it serves also as a memory for those who remain missing." by Ali Balgooyen

"I have been contacted by several survivors and family members (both children and adults) who have reported further victimization from The Charley Project. Several of the cases listed on the Charley Project website are regarding victims who do not desire the publicity.
Many abused children have requested that The Charley Project remove their stories from the site. In fact these cases have already been removed from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. However The Charley Project continues to publicize the tragedies of these victims against their will.

Parents of raped and murdered children have also begged the administrator to delete their children’s names, yet again The Charley Project refuses to comply.

The Charley Project does not deserve notoriety for exploiting the suffering of these victims."

Jennifer Collins
Executive Director
Courageous Kids Network

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