Those Fathers & Families guys are just nasty and dishonest!

WOW! Now Glenn Sacks and Ned Holstein are tag teaming against a battered woman. The problem is that they keep inventing stories and repeating wild accusations trying to distract readers from the real issue. A battered woman lost custody of her children to the man who beat her. The family court service evaluator Susan DeVries, Judge Michael Davis and the Minnesota Appellate Court ALL found that Mark Collins ABUSED Holly Collins!

Ned Holstein claims that Holly Collins has been discredited over and over again. By whom? - HIM? / Glenn Sacks?The biggest problem for Father’s & Families is that children grow up. We are adults now and we are telling the world what happened to us!

My brother and I told our mother that our father was hurting us during visitation. For some reason the guardian ad litem Michael London covered it up. We still don’t know what his motives were but we are trying to figure that out. Thank God our mother believed us and did everything she could to protect us. Holly Collins is a hero!

Why is Fathers & Families so intimidated by this quite, shy battered woman?

Mr. Holstien claims that “Glenn Sacks, then the Executive Director of Fathers and Families, painstakingly collected dozens of court rulings, psychologists' reports, doctors' reports, and other documents in this case”

Really? “Dozens”? That is the problem right there! There are HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS of pages of documents. Fathers & Families handpicked a few to support their own personal agenda.

The Minneapolis City Pages broke this story in 2008. They actually went down to the court house and researched ALL of the court documents.

The producers of the documentary No Way Out But One also had access to ALL of the court documents.

The Dutch Ministries of Justice investigated our case. They all realized the injustice that happened in our case. Two children were being abused and the American Family Court System did not protect them!

We are the first American citizens to receive asylum in another country. This speaks volumes for the severity of our case.

So does the fact that we, Holly Collins’ children are adults now. We can tell you exactly what happened to us. Father’s & Families just do not want to listenShame on them for supporting a Wife Beater & Child Abuser!

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