Help Holly Collins and her children return home to the USA

American family in exile desires to return home.

Holly Collins fled from the United States with her 3 young children to protect them from abuse and the injustice of the American family court system.

Holly and her children are the first known Americans citizens to receive asylum in another country. They lived in secrecy for 14 years until they were discovered by the FBI in 2007. In 2008 all criminal kidnapping charges against Holly were dismissed. Holly pled guilty to one count of contempt of court to which she replied “I admit to having contempt for the court which failed to protect my children.”

In March 2011 Holly Collins youngest American born child will be turning 18 years old! When he graduates from high school in June 2011 Holly and her children will return home to Marblehead Massachusetts.

Donations can be made out to CPPA with "Collins Fund" in the subject line. Checks can be sent to CPPA, POB 15284, Sacramento, CA 95851.

Donation can also be submitted through PayPal

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