Holly Collins – Released from the Jurisdiction of the Hennepin County Family Court

Happy 18th Birthday Baby Brother!

My younger brother turned 18 today! Unlike most kids eager to break free from parents who just don’t ‘get it’ my brother is relieved that this means that our mother has regained control. We are officially free from the Hennepin County Family Court System! Woooo Hooo!

Judge Charles A. Porter can no longer threaten my mother with incarceration or keeping her from her children if she doesn’t remain silent. For the first time, probably in her whole life, our mother, Holly Collins is finally free to speak from the heart. “I can’t believe it!’ She weeps “It’s over! I did it! I kept my children safe! It’s really over!”

For those of you who do not know our story, Holly Collins is the first American citizen (to our knowledge) who has ever been granted official asylum by another country. She has been hiding in silence in the Netherlands for 13 years until she was discovered by the FBI in 2007. Add another 4 years of living in exile waiting for her youngest American born child to age out of the American family court system. 17 years later and Holly Collins is a free woman! All kidnapping charges against her were dismissed and she is free to return home to the United States of America!

We are coming home!


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