Fathers & Families Supports Wife Beaters!

In this article Glenn Sacks, the executive director of Fathers & Families is quoted “To be clear, he says, "Not now or ever do we believe that wife beaters should be getting control of their children."

Guess What… HE LIED!.

My father was found in the Minneapolis Family Court and by the Minnesota court of appeals to have abused my mother.

Yet Fathers & Families publically supports this wife beater!


  1. I would just like to let you know I have sent you an email to the address listed on this site.

    I was uncertain if you would see it, and wished to notify you.

    Hillary Keller

  2. This has to be the most appalling story of condoned child abuse that I have read in a while, and this would be because it has been sanctioned by the American Judicial system. What a screwed up country America is. When a man who has been found to be violent and abusive is granted custody of his children by the courts, you have to wonder about the judge and his/her fitness to be acting in this capacity. But not only is their fitness called into question, one also has to remember that they were considered by their peers to be suitable and wise, and this is how they were selected to have so much authority in the first place.
    What sort of government actively supports the continued abuse of children? Hell, maybe the American government needs to take care of its own backyard before stepping in to lend foreign aid to other countries. Wake up!!!
    Your children from your country need your help first. Look after them, keep them safe, feed your hungry and house your homeless, then you can interfere in the politics of other countries.
    Care of your citizens, particularly the most vulnerable in society has to be your paramount concern.
    Americans, demand your government looks after their own, demand a better deal for American children, help to keep them safe.