Reversing Custody to "Alienated" Parents is Destroying Children!

Zachary and Jennifer Collins Before and After custody was reversed to their abusive father.

All over the United States family court judges are reversing custody to men who have been accused of abusing their own children!

In 1992 my brother and I were ripped out of our mothers arms and given to the man we identified as abusing us, our own father.

Even if the judge didn't believe our abuse allegations he NEVER should have ripped us away from a loving mother to rectify what my father claimed to be "Parental Alienation".

Being separated from our mother, having all contact with her severed and suddenly losing our primary parent undermined our ability to bond with anyone for the rest of our lives.

It is time to stop experimenting on innocent children. Ripping children away from mothers whom they are clearly bonded with is inhumane!

And just think... what are the consequences if these children are telling the truth of being abused?

Children Against Court Appointed Child Abuse ~ CA3

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