Minneapolis Supervisor James E. Seas is Exposed for Conspiring to Conceal Child Abuse to the Collins Children

Well I found the visitation supervisor from Minneapolis who lied to the court when I was young and conspired to conceal the abuse to me and my brother. Once we indentified his name it was easy to track him down. He is a known troublemaker, calling the police several times in the same day just to complain.

Over the last 2 years James E. Seas aka JES also violated client patient confidentiality and made (FALSE) statements to the media.

This is the same guy who also made libelous comments on various web sites!

We tracked him down and I gave him the opportunity to explain his side of the story to me (email below.) Of course he didn’t respond.

Now it is up to the attorneys to hold him accountable. I found the witnesses and I have the evidence. We are coming after you now Mr. Seas!

Dear Mr. Seas,

Well I finally found you.

Do you remember me? My name is Jennifer Collins. You were the visitation supervisor at Katahdin when I was a little girl.

I am trying to put the puzzle pieces together of how my father got away with abusing me and my brother for so many years.

You say that you really care about kids and you are willing to help me find the truth! I hope you mean that. I would like to understand how everything happened the way it did.

Will you please explain your position? This is not intended for public use. I just want answers to my past so I can process a most painful childhood.

Jennifer Collins

* Please note that even though I found out the names of his children I did not post them as he did of my younger brother.

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