Abused Children Seeking Justice

Holding Visitation Supervisors Responsible for Concealing Child Abuse

Hi everyone this is Jennifer,

I need to track someone down and I was wondering if anyone knew how I could find this guy. I have been thoroughly going through the court records from my childhood and I came across evidence that family court evaluators, the guardian ad litem and the visitation supervisors conspired to cover up physical abuse to me and my brother!

I already knew that something like this happened because I was there! But now I have the PROOF! My mother couldn’t understand how different court officials were conspiring to conceal child abuse. She was a young mother who feared that no one would believe her so she bought a tape recorder and started secretly taping the custody evaluators, guardian ad litem and the visitation supervisors.

The tapes have been transcribed and I have the court transcripts to compare side by side! I can prove that many different agents of the family court perjured themselves under oath and conspired to conceal child abuse!

One of the visitation supervisors (only identified as JES) has contacted Glenn Sacks himself and has been making false public statements about our case. It is time for him to be held accountable for his lies now and his actions to cover up child abuse then. How do I find this guy?

His alias is: “JES." He lived in Minnesota. He lived in Minnesota. He worked for Katahdin Inc visitation supervisors in Minneapolis MN.

His email address is: jesmpls@gmail.com"

His IP address is:

He describes himself as: "an advanced education, a degree and years of experience in working with and advocating for children, women and families.” And… “I too am a single parent who as adopted children from foster care."

It is about time this guy is held accountable for his lies.

Here are few examples of his signature. I can also supply more handwriting examples because I have pages of handwritten visitation reports.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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