Child Abuse Victims Seeking Justice

The 25 and 27 - year old victims of a vicious child abuse custody case are seeking justice 18 years after custody was reversed to their father who they accused of abusing them when they were children. Now they and other child abuse victims are coming forward demanding answers and changes.

Over 2 decades ago in 1990 Jennifer and Zachary Collins told their mother Holly Collins that their father was hurting them during visitation. Holly Collins only 24 years old at the time believed her children because she was also abused by their father/ her ex-husband Mark Collins, Maple Grove Minnesota. After several orders for protection were granted and a thorough investigation into all the allegations of abuse and counter claims from Mark Collins that Holly was an unfit mother, a family court judge Michael Davis issued a finding of domestic violence. Despite his finding of abuse in the very same order Judge Davis decided that the mother was emotionally unstable and reversed custody of the 7 year old Jennifer and 9 year old Zachary to their father, the very man who this judge found to be abusive.

How is this possible?

That is what Jennifer, Zachary and countless other abused children want to know. “Everyone knew that our father was hurting us!” insists Jennifer “But court officials just covered it up because they did not like that our mother was so frantic, desperate and emotional.”

When challenged abou being angry Jennifer Collins replies: "Yes I am angry. Nothing's changed and kids are still being handed over to known abusers."

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