Visitation Supervisor Still Obsessed with Holly Collins 17 years later

You haven’t heard from me for a while and now a man from the past is trying to stir up trouble again. He just doesn’t stop harassing us in public!

There was an incident 17 years ago when a visitation supervisor got caught in his lies while trying to frame my mother. I think he even got fired for this incident. He has been obsessing over my mother for years. Now out of the blue he posts a new comment on internet:

June 24, 2010 at 5:44 pm


As the court – visitation supervisor who documented that asthma attack – let me set the record FULLY correct and straight as you have a view of what happened that is incorrect.

Your MOTHER fed you a pasta dish that was covered in tomato sauce and she caused you to have an attack – I and the other worker documented it and wrote up the paperwork – and you were MADE sick by your mother!!! You have memories that are embedded in your head by your mother that have a slanted view of Mark and EVERYONE who didn’t agree or back up her presentation of what goes on. It’s called Personality Disorder…and she plays the victim very well…and the chaos that she continues to surround herself in is where she feels comfort.

I pray for you and Zach and also Chip – there is MUCH pain to go around here and I’m sure for years and years, your anger, pain and confusion will go on and on and on…much like your song during visitation…”Some where out there…” – until you can resolve this and MOVE ON!!!

First of all I remember my father's physical abuse as clear as can be! I also specifically recall that my father would blow smoke in my face before visitation and tell me to ask my mother for my asthma medication. One time during visitation I was having difficulty breathing and I asked/begged the supervisors for my medicine. After pleading for help to breathe the supervisors finally told my mother to give me an inhaler.

A few days later one of the supervisors issued a false report claiming that my mother gave me the medicine without permission. Our visitation was terminated and there was an emergency hearing before the judge. An advocate who picked up my mother from visitation (for her own protection from my father) witnessed the conversation between my mother and the supervisor. My mother was upset because I came into the visitation in an asthma attack. The advocate testified that the supervisor admitted to her that he gave my mother permission to give me my medicine.

The judge found that the supervisors new claims were false and we were suddenly allowed to have even more extended visitations with our mom. This supervisor was reprimanded and lost his job.

A few years ago this same visitation supervisor violated confidentially laws and posted comments on the internet to try to discredit my mother in a public forum. He is obsessed and then he even tried to discredit me as well. There are so many lies that he has told. Now he claims that my mother made me ill by giving me tomato sauce. He has done his homework because it is clearly published on my site that I was allergic to RAW tomatoes when I was a kid. What we ate during visitation was never the issue. This guy is twisting the facts and trying to confuse the public to try to cover up his lies.

This visitation supervisor doesn’t know us at all. He supervised a few visitations with us and our mother over 17 years ago. He witnessed us cry and beg our mother to rescue us from our father. Every single report that he made of visitation he wrote that my mother exhibited “Appropriate Behavior” EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! I have recently received copies of these reports.

Now this same man suddenly claims that “you were made sick by your mother.” If that was true then that surely would have been “inappropriate behavior!” He said himself in an earlier post that he was a mandated reporter and if he witnessed abuse he would have had to report it to child protection. Guess what - he NEVER made a report to child protection!

This stranger claims that my mother has a personality disorder. LOOK at all the records – NOT ONE single psychologist, psychiatrist or mental health professional ever diagnosed my mother as having a personality disorder! - NEVER!!!

My mother has been diagnosed over and over again as having “Post Traumatic Stress” caused by years of severe abuse!!! However for years now that is not even the case. My mother has been diagnosed as being emotionally healthy for years and years!

It’s funny that this man who met my mom a few times over 17 years ago claims that “she plays the victim very well.” No… she doesn’t ‘play the victim.’ She WAS a victim! The judge found that my mother was a victim of my father’s abuse!!!

It’s quite interesting that this stranger from 17 years ago now claims “the chaos that she continues to surround herself in is where she feels comfort.” This is so far from the truth! He knows absolutely nothing about my mother. How dare he continue with his lies? My mother and siblings are living in a quiet little town in the Netherlands. She is so happy and the children are thriving. My mother’s success is the ultimate proof of her resilience.

I think it is interesting that this man concludes that “there is much pain to go around here.” That was true in the past because my father BEAT me, my brother and my mother! It was extremely painful. Guys like this that defend my abusive father made it even more difficult to heal, but you know what… I am healing and it’s not so painful anymore.

I am moving on and that is something that my father and his friends just can’t accept.

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