Glenn Sacks Teaches PAS to his Own Children

I just read part 3 of "the real Glenn Sacks by Holly Collins (Jennifer Collins) and damn that girl can write. After reading all three, the most prevelant point that I see, besides the most obvious that he hates women, is that his children don't like him. What he teaches as "PAS", his own children exhibit towards him. The Sacks children watched their father demean their mother, and women in general. Their entire lives have been devoted to a controlling father who clearly forced his selfish wants and needs above the needs of his children. While he wrote, spoke, and taught men "his side", he was miserably failing as a father. Being a father is not overpowering your children with your own needs, and it most certinally is not taking complete control over the family. Now that he has written about his life as the primary care giver to the children while in a marriage, and he ruled the roost in every step possible, doesn't everyone now see that what he claims is PAS is what he did to his own family???

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