Another Article Discrediting Glenn Sacks

Glenn Sacks Gets Served by Domestic Violence Survivor
UPDATED!! 2/15

Jennifer Collins has done a great write-up on the "father's right's" coward, Glenn Sacks, that has continuously vilified her mother, Holly Collins. Holly Collins fled to the Netherlands with her children after the Hennepin County Minnesota family court system awarded child custody to a man who abused them all. Glenn Sacks accuses the mom of fabricating the abuse and continues his vengeful attack on Holly's grown daughter, Jennifer. He insists that Jennifer is suffering from parental alienation syndrome (although "psych" "diagnoses" cannot be made without a "professional" interviewing and evaluating all parties) and lying about the past abuse.

Read Jennifer's two-part piece:

The Real Glenn Sacks


College Student Jennifer Collins Exposes the Real Glen Sacks

If you are unfamiliar the the entire ordeal, it would help if you read some of the other posts she has done in which she describes how Glenn Sacks has assaulted her family.

I can only admire the courage Jennifer has continue to exhibit in battling this coward and his minions. Many have told her to stop, because he will cause her more harm, but I can understand that when someone just lies so damn much, you can't help but to defend yourself. Glenn Sacks is a bully and most people don't stand up to bullies. But this isn't grade school.

After reading both of Jennifer's pieces, the conclusion I have come to is that Glenn Sacks has very poor self-esteem and resulting extreme projection issues. I mean, it's really, really bad. So bad that I wonder if secretly he believes all these bad things about know, deep, deep, down inside. He must know, deep, deep down inside, that all of the men that flock to him can't possibly all be falsely accused, or "robbed" of their parental relationships.

For now, I'm going to jump on the train of pscyhoanalyzation...shit, everyone else does it!

Glenn Sacks is indeed a bully.

The entire article can be seen here:

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