The Sacks Attacks; Glenn Sacks Begins New Attacks on Child Abuse Victims

The Sacks Attacks:

I have been trying to figure out the flurry of activity regarding Glenn Sacks recent public attacks against me for coming forward about the abuse my brother and I suffered at the hands of our abusive father when we were children:

July 2009 - Jennifer Collins and her family were enjoying their family vacation.

July 27 2009 - Glenn Sacks Publishes article against 'Feminist Law Movement' and attacks Jennifer Collins case. (Jennifer Collins was unaware of this article.)

July 28 2009 - Apparently many different groups responded in outrage.

August 3 2009 - Jennifer Collins suddenly receives many attacks from angry fathers.

August 3 2009 - Jennifer Collins posts blog stating confusion for sudden attacks from Glenn Sacks supporters.

August 3 2009 - Rights for mothers issues post in support of Jennifer Collins

August 3 2009 - Glenn Sacks issue another attack against Jennifer Collins blaming her mother Holly Collins for protecting her children from her abusive husband. Glenn Sacks chastises abused child (Jennifer Collins) for a typo regarding the date of abuse and injuries.

August 4 2009 - Rights for Mothers warn that Glenn Sacks is on the "Warpath" against child abuse victims.

August 16 2009 - Collins Family return from their summer vacation in France

August 17 2009 - Jennifer Collins tries to make sense of the Sacks Attacks

Okay... I think this is how it went.


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  1. ball sacks is at it again!!!! This time he insinuates that your mother is loony - go to my site and see article and link to his article - he is comparing your mother to the woman who fled to Italy.