Glenn Sacks Repeating Lies About Jennifer Collins and her Family

Repeat a lie long and loud enough, like Glenn Sacks does, and it becomes... "the truth" ???

I was peacefully enjoying our summer when something went wrong. Over the course of a few days, emails from my friends and loved ones were suddenly drowned out by volumes of angry hatemail towards me and my family.

WHY? It didn't take long to discover why: Glenn Sacks recently published a new article in which he decides to spread more lies and inaccuracies about our case to try to discredit my brother and me. Since Mr. Sacks devotes so much of his time looking for the tiniest of cracks in a completely solid account of events, it tells me and others that he is obviously worried that our case proves what I've been saying all along: that spousal abusers use PAS to conceal the child abuse they inflict on their own children just as my father did with my mother, my brother and me.

Glenn Sacks writes “Regarding Jennifer telling the audience that her father broke her brother’s skull, this claim has been debunked–the injury was sustained by Zachary when he fell forward on a ride in an amusement park. Holly Collins sued the amusement park for the injury and obtained a $50,000 financial award from the park on Zachary’s behalf. Moreover, Holly did not make this accusation of abuse in her court filings during the custody dispute in 1991 & 1992, several years after the alleged incident.”

It has been proven multiple times that my brother did not sustain any broken bones in an accident at an amusement park that happened over a year before when my parents were still together. Yet Glenn Sacks regurgitation of his own delusions is consistent with typical batterer behavior. Batterers consistently try to distract the attention away from the abuse they commit. They make up outrageous claims to defend their abuse. Then they keep screaming the same rhetoric, hoping (and usually succeeding) in convincing everyone that their deliberate distortions of the truth must be true because they keep passionately insisting upon it.

This proves to all of us how controlling they are because they blatantly ignore the facts that do not support their cover up. Just like what Glenn Sacks is doing now, these angry men will not allow anyone to come up with their own opinion. You HAVE to accept what they're saying or they will continue to badger you until you succumb to their way of thinking.

For 18 months and 8 days my father used the strongest tactics of this coercive abuse on me and my brother. It did not work then and it will not work with Glenn Sacks now! My father Mark J. Collins beat me, kicked me, strangled me and suffocated me and forced me to watch him beat my mother until she fell to the floor and was lying in her own blood. Glenn Sacks was not there. I REPEAT: Glenn Sacks was not in the room when this happened!

No matter how many times Glenn Sacks tries to manipulate me and the public audience...
No matter how many times Glenn Sacks repeats his lies...
No matter how powerful Glenn Sacks thinks he is...
Glenn Sacks can not change his fictitious version (of events that happened in MY life) into facts!

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