February 25 2009 Jennifer Responds to Eleanor Gallagher

Dear Grandma Gallagher,

I don’t doubt that you love us, and I know that you are in a very difficult situation. You are still living with your abuser. I am honestly sorry for you! However I believe that your husband [Tom] sexually abused my mother and her sister and the evidence appears that he abused even more girls. Since one of those girls is still a minor, I will respect her privacy, but I want to make sure that she is protected! I think the public has a right to know that an (alleged) sexual predator is still at large. If you chose, we can ALL put ALL the documentation before one judge or jury and have a full investigation with ALL the evidence. That is what my mother wants! She wants the truth to come out once and for all!

As for your “abuse” to my mother, the evidence is also overwhelming. I realize that many people withdrew their affidavits after you and your husband threatened to sue them. I think a jury would find that most interesting. I also think that you have forgotten that you have hit my mother on several occasions in front of me and Zachary. We were old enough to remember and there were also other witnesses. My mother is still afraid of you and yet longs for some sort of relationship with you. I think she will struggle with these feeling for the rest of her life.

You and your husband choose to defame my mother (me and my brother) in a public forum. Therefore we have the right to defend ourselves and prove that your allegations are false. I am sorry if you are now “outraged and humiliated.” I think that you brought this intrusion into our whole family’s private life on yourself by releasing evidence that was under a court sealed order, that you were the only other people who had access to it.

I will consult with an attorney immediately to make sure that my blog is not in violation of the law in any way. I assure you that if it is at all illegal, I will rectify the situation immediately.

Again, if you ever choose to leave your abuse, we will be here for you. All we ask is that you come forward with the whole truth.


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