Holly Collins Requests Retraction from Glenn Sacks

February 22 2009
Dear Mr. Sacks,

I can not begin to explain our shock that you would print such misleading, dishonest and blatantly false articles against me and my family. I consider these articles to be libelous and a clear defamation of character. Numerous false and misleading statements that you have made meet the legal definition of Defamation of Character and have caused significant personal injury to me and my minor children, my 15 year old son Christopher in particular. I demanding that you immediately correct the blatantly false statements in your articles.

I am also demanding that you immediately remove any and all personal information regarding to the rape and abuse I suffered as a child and as an adult. This information is not of any use to the general public and is causing me extreme personal distress and injury. I am also requesting for a full retraction.

In addition, the public postings on your site have reached a level of harassment and invasion into our private lives. I am requesting that you remove these slanderous and harassing comments immediately.

Holly Ann Collins

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