Holly Collins Family Therapy History

Every single mental health professional involved with our family firmly believes that we were abused by our father. The only people who ever doubted us were Family Court Services and Doctor Cline. Even he said that his job wasn’t to evaluate for child abuse but only to reunite us with our father.

1989 - 1991:

Dr. Cline:
Zachary was referred to Dr. Cline to deal with his emotional problems, directly relating to my fathers abuse. He also became my child psychologist. In 1989 my father was ordered to attend a consult with Dr. Cline and Zachary to apologize to for hurting him in 1991.

Steven Jonson, Family Court Services:
Mark Collins had a Chemical Dependency Evaluation performed by Steven Hojnson from Family Court Services in Sept 1989, he found that “Mark admitted a good amount of the past drinking over time, but denied or minimized any drinking prior to pick up of the children for visitation, and the amount of his current use. He stated that his chemical of choice was beer, gin & tonic and Bacardy Rum.”

Mr. Johnson concluded that “enough information was mutually verified to determine that Mark had an abusive and potentially dependent relationship upon alcohol at an earlier stage in his life” and recommended that “Mark abstain from the use of alcohol 24 hours prior to and during any time that he would have custody and responsibility for the children.” There is no evidence thta Mark has never completed treatment for his chemical dependency.

Rena Collins also admitted to being in chemical dependency treatment for a drug addiction.

1991 – 1992

Emergency Services:
When we moved to Massachusetts my father's threats became more severe. My father told Zachary directly that he was going to murder our mom. When Zachary got off the phone he was so terrified and had an emotional break down. He was crying and started banging his head on the floor. My mother panicked and brought him to emergency services. They consulted with Zachary, made contracts with him and referred him to the North Shore pediatric clinic. They concluded that Zachary confided in them that our father had hurt him and threatened to kill us and that he was genuinely afraid of our father.

Susan Hyland, North Shore Hospital:
My mother was referred to Susan Hyland who she saw the whole time we were in Massachusetts. We were also referred to a child psychologist but she looked like my mother’s mother and my mom had transference issues. At the same time the Emergency Services had cleared a position for us so we stayed with them and our mom stayed at NSH. She concluded that my mother was a severely battered woman.

Fred Emilianowicz, Heath & Education Services:
Mr. Emilianowicz was great! He believed us and explained to our mother how he could tell that we were telling the truth. He told her to believe us and follow her intuition. Because of the severity of our disclosures of abuse a Mr. Emilianowicz referred Zachary to a more experienced child psychiatrist (Dr. Reimer) for an evaluation. He concluded that we and our mother were severely abused by our father.

Dr. Phillip Reimer, Psychiatric Group of the North Shore:
Dr. Reimer also confirmed that we were abused by our father. He agreed with the recommendation from Dr. Polmar that we should continue with a child abuse evaluation at the Boston Children’s Hospital. He reported that Zachary disclosed abuse to him and that he was remarkably afraid of our father.

Dr. Eli Newberger: Boston Children’s Hospital Trauma Team:
When we first arrived at the BCH the intake worker warned my mother that if she was instructing us to make up false stories of abuse, it would be construed as child abuse. However after the evaluations all of the members of the team unanimously concluded that we were abused by our father.

Maureen Obrien, Boston Children’s Hospital:
However after the evaluations all of the members of the team unanimously concluded that we were abused by our father.

Cecelia Tatum Small:
However after the evaluations all of the members of the team unanimously concluded that we were abused by our father.


Doctor Cline:
When we returned back to Minnesota for the evaluation, Dr. Cline broke professional and ethical guidelines when he accepted a position as ‘reunification therapist’ between us and our abusive father. At some point Dr. Cline also took my father on as a client. Doctor Cline violated patient confidentiality and compromised our emotional and physical well being. He said that he was not to evaluated abuse, but if abuse did occur then our mother’s behavior was appropriate.

Susan Devries, Family Court Services:
Susan DeVries suggested that she might have a personality disorder that she read 6 articles about. She met with our mom for one time only for 20 minutes long.

Doctor Gilbertson, Family Court Services:
A family court services evaluator completed one evaluation of our family to support the FCS report.

Doctor Susan Phipps Yonas:
Dr. Phipps Yonas is a child psychologist and expert on child abuse. She reviewed all of the files and was willing to evaluate us when all treating psychological professionals from Massachusetts were forbidden to testify by the judge.

Kathy Script, Independent Evaluator:
An independent psychologist, Kathy Script completed a psychological evaluation of our mother. She concluded that she was abused and did not suffer from any personality disorders.

Julia Davis, Court Appointed Psychologist:
The court appointed psychologist who ordered to treat my mother’s ‘psychological disorders.’ She also concluded that my mother was severely abused and did not suffer from any personality disorders.

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