Holly Collins - Family Medical History

My father, and then the court accused my mom of doctor shopping, stating that we had several different pediatricians, but records clearly prove otherwise.


We were only allowed to use the pediatric clinic in the military hospital.

We had the same clinic the whole time we lived in Minnesota with our mom, South Lake Pediatrics, Dr. David Estrin.

Because we had allergies, Dr. Estrin referred us to a pediatric allergist, Dr. Paul Blum, Southdale Pediatrics. We had this same allergist the whole time we lived in Minnesota.

1990 - 1991:
When we moved to Massachusetts, we had one pediatrician, Dr. Lundron, Marblehead Pediatrics.

Dr. Lundron referred us to a local allergist, Beverly Hospital Allergy Clinic, but after one visit, my mother decided that she preferred a pediatric allergist. Dr. Lundron referred us to Dr. Polmar at the Boston childrens hospital. As the Appellate courts records reflect: “Jennifer was not hospitalized for psychosocial problems. She was hospitalized because she had a severe asthma attack and a choking episode. The complete records show that Jennifer was about to be discharged when Holly Ann’s mother (Eleanor Gallagher) met with the doctors to bring the alleged "Psychosocial" problems to their attention."

Dr. Polmar didn't believe that we could possibly be so allergic. My mother had two conflicting disagnosis (from Dr. Blum and Dr. Polmar) so we received a referral from Dr. Lundron for a second opinion consult to Tufts University. This clinic concluded that we were very allergic.

My mother took those second opinion results and returned with us to Dr. Polmar, who continued to treat us when we lived in Massachusetts.

1991 -1994:
We returned back to Minnesota and went back to our orriginal pediatrician, Dr. Estrin and pediatric allergist, Dr. Blum.

1994 - 1999:
We had to visit the pediatricians at the refugge camps.

Because of our allergies we were referred to a pediatric allergist in Rotterdam. We have had the same Doctor for over 10 years.

2000 - 2008:
We finally were allowed to move to a normal house (in the projects) and we have had the same pediatrician/family doctor since and we still have the same allergist.

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