Zachary Collins - Hennepin County Court Appointed Psychiatrist's (Therapy Records)

During sessions with the court appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Cline, Zachary Collins said that his father “punched me in the privates… strangled us… kicked me in the head… threatened to kill us and (he’s) just pretending it didn’t happen.” Zachary reiterated that his father “hit us and kicked us and lied about it.”

When we cried my father would suffocate us until we passed out. We repeatedly told authorities that our father held his hand or a pillow over our faces until “it all turned black.” Dr. Clines records clearly document that Zachary told him that our father would “cover our face and nose… pin us down… hold us under blankets” and when our father put (his) “hand over our face and nose we couldn’t breath.”

On August 18 1992 Zachary specifically told Dr. Cline that our father “said we’ll never see our mom again.”

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