Jennifer Collins - A Psychology Students Investigation

Jennifer Collins - A Psychology Students Investigation

I have received a challenge from Glenn Sacks and other father's rights organizations to prove that I was abused as a child.

Although I strongly believe that children should be believed if they are insisting that someone is hurting them, I accept this challenge, this one time.

I want to make it absolutely clear that I do not condone forcing a child to prove that someone is hurting him or her.
I personally find it absolutely disgusting, immoral and incomprehensible that children are not believed and protected in a situation where the consequences are so devastating and even fatal.

Let's see if they stick to their promise to publish my evidence that my brother and I were abused as children!

I have decided to start this project for my University Psychology study.

Collins Child Abuse Case Study

A University Psychology Student, Jennifer Collins Investigates her own Child Abuse Custody Case.

Investigating the Collins Child Abuse Custody Case
by Jennifer Tveter (Collins)

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