Holly Collins - Little Boy's Letter to Judge

During emergency councelling Zachary was told he could write a letter to the judge to say anything that he wanted. This is the (almost) 10 year old little boy wrote.

"Dear Mr. Judge,

I don't want to go with my dad because he said he was going to break my neck when I was fooling around. He also said he was going to strangle me if I didn't stop being a brat. He also said he was going to kill me. Once when I accidentally kicked him in the butt he punched me in the privates so I had to go to the doctors because I couldn’t go to the bathroom. A few times he and his wife kicked me and my dad hit me. He also said he was going to take us away on the telephone. Mark also was sneaking up behind my mom and his wife hit my mom with her car. Mark also slammed her against a wall and broke her nose when I was little. He also took my sister when my mom wasn't looking. Please don't let us go with Mark!

From, Zeke" Zachary Collins ~ 9 years old (almost 10) 1992

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