Holly Collins - Her little boy speaks

I am pretty upset right now. I am going through the court documents that I brought back from the United States.

In January 1992 Zachary started banging his head when he got off the phone with my father. My mother brought him to a crisis center, the North Shore Emergency Services.

During the evaluation Zachary was asked to fill in a formulier. One of the questions was: 2 Ways I handle my anger without hurting someone... 9 year old Zacharys written response:

1.) "Bang my head against my bed
2.) Taking a nap"

They also made a written contract with Zachary:

"I Zachary Collins promise to go to my mom if I feel like hurting myself and tell her I'm feeling bad."

Zachary was instructed to keep a journal when he was upset.

January 27 1992:

""Mark called me tonight & I think I might of hurt his feelings. I'm so confused about Mark. One minute he's acting like he's getting his feelings hurt by me and then it's like he doesn't even care. And now he's trying to make me think that he doesn't remember that he said that he was going to break my neck. He must be drunk. He always says that he doesn't remember doing something mean when I tell him about something he did wrong. When he calls I do want to talk to him but he always hurts my feelings. Hopefully soon he will realize what he has been doing to us..." Zachary Collins ~9 year old

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