Hennepin County Put Battered Woman At Risk

"Holly Ann and her two children lived in Massachusetts, and were ordered back to Minnesota for an evaluation from the Hennepin County Family Court. Due to the potential danger of the ex-husband, they were first residing in a battered woman’s shelter and then at an undisclosed safe address, which only the court knew. It was to remain confidential, yet less than three weeks passed when the ex-husband appeared outside of the home in the middle of the night. The children began screaming because they were awoken from a noise and saw their abusive father at the bedroom window. Holly Ann called 911 for help and was visibly shaken (noted from responding officers.)

A Hennepin County court officer (Michael London) admitted that this abusive ex-husband may have gotten the secret address by mistake from the court files that he was permitted to read. Since the officer was not sure, he never bothered to warn Holly Ann because he 'didn’t want to upset her for nothing.'

Despite the danger this batterer poses to his ex-wife and the children, her cries for help are still not being taken seriously."

Julie Tilley,
Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women