Defending a Child Abuser/Wife Beater

I can't believe that there are people who are defending my abusive father.

“In Jennifer’s recent post in City Page’s blog, she now claims her father testified he broke Holly’s nose ‘3 times’. This is also entirely false.”

How can anyone say this? He admitted it himself. We have the court transcripts!

Abuse to children:

Court Testimony: January 8 1991:

Attorney: What transpired regarding this allegation that your going to break Zachary’s neck, grabbing him by the neck, allegedly?

Mark: We were… washing the car. We were playing and I guess – I can’t seem to remember specifically what happened ‘cause I don’t … I have a hard time recalling it… We were just playing … I may have said, ‘I will get you’ or something, but I wasn’t threatening him.’

Attorney: Did you ever say to somebody or admit to anybody as [Holly-Ann] claims that you grabbed Zachary by the neck?

Mark: No I don’t remember telling anybody that I grabbed him by the neck.

Broken Nose/facial injuries:

Court Transcripts: June 7 1989

Mark Collins: “The two broken noses occurred when we were first married in my parents’ house, which was an accident, which many people roll about. I rolled over asleep in bed… I don't remember exactly.

Court transcripts: January 8 1991

Mark Collins: “Her nose was broken maybe twice or three times... I don’t know exactly how many times, but it occurred when we were first married and I rolled over in the bed... and I hit her in the nose… each time that she was pregnant, she had this problem where she had red in her eyes, like her eyes were all bloodshot… I don’t think that she went to the obstetrician claiming that I had hit her.”

Attorney: "And it's your testimony that she did not sustain those red eyes based on your hitting her or striking her?"

12/07/92 Family Court Service Report

[Mark} states that Holly has been hurt by him on one occasion when they were wrestling. He states Í elbowed her wehen we were fooling around. She sought medical attention and I think she had a black eye..."

Dislocated Shoulder:

Court Transcripts: June 7 1989

Mark Collins: "I don’t remember her having a concussion or a dislocated shoulder. If she did it wasn’t caused by me.”

Court transcripts: January 8 1991
Mark Collins:
”Her shoulder was dislocated just fooling around. I don’t know how to explain this.”

Attorney: The dislocated shoulder was a wrestling episode? Was anybody else present during that, do you remember?

Mark Collins: "Just the children. I don’t remember it specifically.

Family court service report 12/07/92

[Mark} states 'In Minnesapols she hurt her shoulder/elbow when we were messing around...'

Holly's Concussion/head injury:

Court testimony 06/06/89

Mark: “I don’t remember her having a concussion… If she did it wasn’t caused by me.”

Attorney: “And I think your earlier testimony is that you did not recall and injury – a concussion to [Holly} is that correct?’

Mark: “No”

Family Court Service Report - 12/07/92

“Mark also describes Holly as accident prone, stating she stood up one time, banged her head on the refrigerator door and experienced a concussion…”

His Own Words... What do you think now?