PAS - Scary Stuff

You know I'm 23 years old and I am just trying to expose the injustice in MY story.

- My dad beat us!
- We told our mom.
- We showed our mom the bruises.
- My mom tried to protect us!
- My dad accused my mom of PAS.
- Custody was reversed to him.
- My dad beat us even more!
- My mom rescued us.
- We got away.
- We were safe!
- Now we are over 18 and free to speak out about what happened to us!

Now I am getting really scary e-mails from the Parental Alienation Syndrome Supporters. Some of these guys are even threatening violence to me and my mom! I don't get it... do they think this will help their case? It just proves everything we are saying.

It is not a Syndrome to protect your child from someone who is intimidating, violent and outright dangerous! It's called being a Good Parent!

For the record...
"The American Psychological Association (APA) believes that all mental health practitioners as well as law enforcement officials and the courts must take any reports of domestic violence in divorce and child custody cases seriously. An APA 1996 Presidential Task Force on Violence and the Family noted the lack of data to support so-called "parental alienation syndrome", and raised concern about the term's use. However, we have no official position on the purported syndrome."

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