PAS - The Other Side of Parental Alienation Syndrom Accusation

I have to admit that I am surprised that a PAS site is actually admitting that PAS should not be permitted in domestic abuse cases. I'm impressed! Jennifer Fight Back Against Parental Alienation Syndrome

The Other Side of a Parental Alienation Sydrome Accusation

Just as there are accusers who file false charges of abuse (an all too common PAS tactic), Parental Alienation accusations are also being used falsely against innocent parents.It is important not to have a knee jerk reaction to this issue. Both men and women are victims of PAS just as both men and women file false charges or commit acts of abuse.Regardless of whether you are the victim of PAS or are being falsely accused of PAS, please, for your own good, check out child custody strategies.

Parental Alienation Syndrome Misuse - Holly Ann Collins Case

The Collins children told their mother, Holly Ann Collins,that their father was hurting them during visitation. Their mother believed them and tried to protect them. Then she was accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome and custody was reversed to this abusive man.

PAS should not be allowed in cases where there is a suspicion of child abuse.

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