October 2008 - Holly Collins Offers Cheers to Many Supporters...

I would like to thank so many for advocating on behalf of my mother, other protective parents, and the forgotten victims of Domestic Violence - the Children.
Marlene Kaufmann - CSCE Counsel for the Helsinki Commission.
Dr, Joyanna Silberg, Ph. D. -Executive Vice-President Leadership Council on Child Abuse & Interpersonal Violence
Irene Weiser - Stop Family Violence
Dara Carlin - Break the Silence
Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women
All of the wonderful participants of the IVAT Conference
Beth Walton - Minneapolis City Pages for exposing the true story
Barry Nolan & Garland Wallers
Julie Tilly, Denise Eng, and the other Minnesota advocates who tried to protect us as children.
Minnesota Attorneys: Tim Webb, Laurel Learmonth, Sue Wilson & Chris Howard
Fred Emilianowicz, Dr. Phillip Reimerr, Dr. Newberger & his team at the Boston Children's Hospital for believing us children.
Our pediatricians, Dr. David Estrin & Dr. Paul Blum who spoke up against the abuse.
Father Eugene Corsica who was the very first person who tried to help get us safe.
To our friends who believed us and stood by us till the bitter end: the Dunahams, The Burtons, The Burns, The Ergers, Ranna Grant, Anthony Turk & Grant Johnson - We love you like family!
To my Grandpa Ron, Grandma Pat, Aunt Michelle, Aunt Marilyn and Cousin Liz
To Rosa Parks who inspired my mother to stand up and challenge the law when the law was wrong!

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