September 25 2008 - Holly Collins Sotry is not a "He Said/ She Said" Situation.

There is so much debate about our story, but it really is not a “He said/ She said” situation. Mark Collins vs. Holly Collins

My father, Mark Collins admitted to breaking my mother’s nose 3 times and dislocating her shoulder in front of us kids! He beat my (4 year old) brother so severely that he broke the bones in his skull! Judge Michael Davis even found that he was abusive.

The case went horribly wrong when Judge Davis could not understand why my mom was still so afraid of this man after they had been divorced for 2 years. He said “It’s about time you get over the abuse.” It was such a crazy situation.

The Hennepin County District Attorney, Liz Cutter did the right thing by dropping the charges.

I really like this story that my mother’s attorney, Alan Rosenfeld often tells. “If you are trying to understand this story, just imagine this: You are out walking your dog one night and come across a house on fire. You hear a baby crying from inside the house. You break the window, go inside and rescue the baby. Technically you can be charged with breaking & entering and kidnapping. However there are no charges because you did the right thing by rescuing the child. It’s as simple as that!”

My mother knew that my father was abusing us. She did the right thing by rescuing us. The district attorney had no other choice but to drop all charges.

Anyway… it is all over now and we can go on with our lives in peace. Thank you for your support.

The next time a child says that someone is hurting him/her, I hope you believe them!


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