July 20 2008 - Justice for Jennifer's Mom, Holly Collins

July 2o 2008

Jennifer and her brother Zachary told their mother, Holly Ann Collins, that their father, Mark Collins, was hurting them during visitation. Their mother believed them because she saw the bruises on the children when they returned home from visitation. She witnessed her ex-husbands abuse to her children (including a fracture to her little boy’s skull) and she was beaten by him as well.

Holly was granted an “Order for Protection” yet the children were still forced to go alone on visitation with their father. Mark Collins was ordered to refrain from further abusing the children! However when visitation time came, Jennifer was so afraid of her father that she would cry so hard that she threw up. Holly could not bear to send the children on visitation with a man she knew, deep down in her soul, was still hurting her children.

Mark Collins would call the police to have visitation enforced. Policemen would have to physically remove the children from hiding underneath their beds. The children would be kicking and screaming as the police officers handed them over to their abusive father.

Various medical doctors and mental health professionals warned Holly that her children were in danger in their fathers care so she refused to send them on visitation any longer. The children’s father accused Holly of various syndromes: including “Parent Alienation Syndrome.” He filed for a change of custody.

Even though the judge found that Mark Collins was abusive, he decided that it was about time that Holly “get over the abuse” and concluded that her fear of her ex husband was interfering in his relationship with the children. He concluded that it was easier to monitor the father’s physical abuse of the children rather then the possible damages from have a battered and broken mother.

The American Justice System failed these children! This young mother protected her children the only way she knew how by running with them. They fled to the Netherlands and spent 3 years in various refugee camps. They are the first, and only, known Americans to be granted asylum in Holland.

If another country choose to intervene and protect this family by granting them asylum, and risk an international incident with the United States of America, it is obvious that there is enough documentation to substantiate that this mother acted within reason to protect her children from further abuse.

Demand that the American authorities drop the charges or at least allow this protective parent the opportunity to have a fair trial. Please click on the link to find out how you can help.

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