September 2008 - Holly Collins Would Like to Thank You!

I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for your support and warm wishes. There is so much false information buzzing around out there. I wish I could set the record straight, but I can not at this time for legal reasons. All I can say is that I know deep down in my heart that I made the right decision. I have many faults, but I am a good mother. All you have to do is look at my children's faces to see how happy they are. The truth will come out soon enough. Thank You So Much!Holly Ann Collins

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  1. Holly, you are a very strong woman. You did what any mother "muckwa" would do. Many women and children do not escape this torment, as you will find stats in the mn femicide report. I have had friends that have lost thier lives, trying to find peace and be free of abuse. You are sacred, as you are a mother of the earth and you gave birth to the most precious resource. This must be taken more seriously by state legislatures. I am glad you are free to be the woman, the mother you are! Miigwetch for your inspiration! We could use your words of encouragement in our women's support groups! Specifically within the Native American communities-Where resources are limited. All my families love,
    Beth Timmins
    Soaring Eagles Transportation
    Native Advocate
    Bemidji, MN